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In 2015-17, we plan to do online / offline research of CSR and philanthropy of 10000 corporates across the world. These include Global Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 2000 companies, Leading Indian companies plus at least one company from 500+ districts, Leading companies who are not Fortune 500 or Forbes 2000 in about 130 countries, companies which have offices in countries other than their headquarters (e.g. HSBC) or have companies registered in other countries

We will intrview leading corporates in some of the countries to share the identity of the corporate sector in the country. We plan to do this research in many of the 193 UN Member countries, 2 SARs, some of the 63 Non UN countries & regions.

It is important now that corporates think of CSR far beyond philanthropy. First their business processes makes them a good corporate. Philanthropy makes them share that goodness (whether it is social, developmental, nation building or sustainability tree issue). In fact, it is mandatory to be socially good. By promoting this, we want multiple stakeholders that corporates think far beyond money & philanthropy.

For CSR issues, it is important for corporates to appreciate the following :
- if their headoffice is accompanied with a specific issue. e.g. education or children...
- local issues in the country and community e.g. drinking water may be the biggest issue but is not covered in the company because their headquarters may have enough potable water.
- CSR is not related only to philanthrophy. There are other crtiitical issues the management must be clear. e.g. responsibility in business processes. This is covered in the business processes.

Enlightened companies across the world are moving from stakeholder management to stakeholder engagement through communication and dialogue.

Just look at what you see as your current stakeholder groups. And compare them to the potential stakeholder groups listed on CSRidentity.com. You will realise that you need to engage with not only more stakeholder groups, but also do it creatively, and with defined frequencies, and with built in emergency plans.

Please do not neglect any stakeholder group, human, living being or non living being. For those who do not value non living beings, just remember your house. It is mostly made from non living element called cement but your house is key to your dreams of your company, your existance, your work, your happiness.

We have corporate page in the key stakeholder dropdown on top of every country and plan to interview people from corporate sector in that country and share the identity of corporate sector in that country.

While this is free for all, this is only about the corporate sector. We plan to enhance identity & image of individual corporates at the global level and they can share their philanthropy as well as CSR activities (sustainability initiatives) in every department. See how we can do it for all stakeholders whether corporates, NGOs, funding agencies..

These corporates will be seen on the left hand slide of the corporate page in the countries and we plan to promote them substantially.

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