Common Greats Celebrities

From now to 28.8.2018 we plan to share names of Common Greats celebrities 50 plus countries.

CSRidentity.com founders must share that thousands of people in different countries have are economically common people but their will power to live is greater than billions of others and they are really inspiring to people across the world to fight diseases.

If you want to share any name, email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com the following
1) name of the person
2) one para profile with link to website source which suggests the name.

Please note
1) The person shared may be alive or may not be alive like Newton or Edison are not medically alive but dont we remember them & their discoveries.
2) These persons can be used for advertising with their legal permission and not our permission.
3) We admire the popularity of the persons mentioned. We know that we dont have to take legal permission to just share names like moon, earth, sun, any planets, any Prime Ministers or Presidents or Premiers. We are just sharing names.