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A District Magistrate, also called a District Collector or Deputy Commissioner (or shortened to DM, Collector, or DC), is the chief administrative and revenue officer of an Indian district.

DC is a member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), and is appointed by a State government. He/she usually works under the supervision of Divisional Commissioner who is a senior IAS officer.

DC is responsible to implement all the government programmes in the interest of the common public of the district. Being a district election officer he conduct elections peacefully and respectfully.

DCs are appointed by the State government, from among the pool of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers in the state. The members of the IAS are either directly recruited by the Union Public Service Commission or promoted from Provincial Civil Services (PCS). The direct recruits are posted as Collectors in their thirties whereas the promoted members from state civil services generally occupy this position in their forties. A District Magistrate / District Collector / Deputy Commissioner are transferred from this post by State government.

CSRidentity.com has shared the contact details of 602 collectors as per their district. We plan to interview some of them to know the district status in 2015 and what they think is the future scenario of the district in 2020 and 2050. We will also ask some of these the key issues / challenges the community faces and what are their solutions to these challenges.

DC is entrusted with a wide range of duties in the jurisdiction of the district. While the actual extant of the responsibilities varies in each State, they generally involve

As Collector : land assessment, land acquisition, collection of land revenue, collection of income tax dues, excise duties, irrigation dues etc., distribution of agricultural loans, disaster management during natural calamities such as floods, famines or epidemics, crisis management during riots or external aggression, chairman of the district bankers coordination committee, head of the district industries centre.