Clean country

The cleanest countries in the world also are known as beautiful countries in the world.

Keeping any country clean is no small task.
There has to be a balance between population and sanitation.
The infrastructure must be good and the medical facilities must be good.
Governments, for profit organisations, not for profit organisations and individuals citizens must work together and while they are working tirelessly to be the cleanest, they must help police to make the country cleaner crimewise also.

In countries which are large by size & population, politicians should understand & implment the value of cleanliness.

If the countries are cleaner, they will increase their rank in list of beautiful countries.
So tourism increases and it certainly gives livelihood opportunities for local people.
So in a way, it offers income generation opportunities, changes the economics of the country, offers good infrastructure as well as medical services.... and more importantly in a way, it stops migration to metro cities or in other countries. This helps family life & social life.

For some countries, like Singapore, strict laws are enforced to keep the streets clean. Others have a national culture that tends towards tidiness and find that cleanliness is enforced through societal pressure and expectations.

These clean countries are the places on earth with best air quality, the countries with the best outdoor spaces, and the countries with the cleanest cities. From the snow capped mountains of Canada to the sparkling waters of Costa Rica, there is no shortage of beauty to behold when visiting the most spotless countries on the planet.

This ranking of the cleanest countries in the world should get you on the right path to countries with the cleanest air, countries with the least litter, and the overall cleanest countries on the planet.


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