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Brief About Chitradurga District
Bold rock hills and picturesque valleys. Huge towering boulders in unimaginable shapes. That is Chitradurga for you. This place is not known as the "Place of stone fort" (Kallina Kote) for nothing. The landscape looks much like a mischievous giant's playground - with boulders thrown around, forming awesome silhouettes against he sky. And that could be true! According to a story in the Epic Mahabharatha, a man-eating gaint named Hidimbasura did line here on the Chitradurga hill - a source of terror to everyone around. And then Pandavas came here with their mother Kunti in the course of their exile and Bhima had a duel with Hidimba. Hidimba was slain by Bhima and peace returned to the area.

These amazing boulders could well be part of the arsenal used during that duel! Seriously though, these boulders and the major part of the city rests on belong to the oldest rock formation in the country. The former military personnel, Timmana Nayaka rose to the rank of Governor of Chitradurga as a reward for his excellence in military achievements, from the Vijayanagara ruler. His son Obana is known by the name Madhakari Nayaka. Madakari Nayaka's son Kasturi Rangappa succeeded him and consolidate the kingdom to rule peacefully . As he had no heirs to succeed him, his adopted son - the apparent heir was enthroned but got killed in few months by the Dalavayis. Chikkanna Nayaka, the brother of Madakari Nayaka II sat on the throne in 1676, and his another brother succeeded him with the title Madakari Nayaka-III.

The unwillingness of Dalawayis to accept Madakari Nayaka-III's rule gave an opportunity to one of the distant relation Bharamappa Nayaka to ascend the throne in 1689. Somehow, the subjects of Chitradurga did not experience a good reign of their rulers as they lived on the throne for very brief period. The Hiri Madakari Nayaka (1721 - 1748), Kasturi Rangappa Nayaka-II, Madakari Nayaka-IV succeeded one after him and there is nothing to mention of their rule. Obavvana Kindi (The crack), Chitradurga Fort.During the reign of Madakari Nayaka, the city of Chitradurga was besieged by the troops of Hyder Ali. A chance sighting of a woman entering the Chitradurga fort through a crack hole in the rocks led to a clever plan by Hyder Ali to send his soldiers through the crack hole. The defence guard on duty of the port near that crack hole had just gone home as usual asking his wife to guard till he is back from his lunch.

The wife of that guard, Obavva while in her temporary seat, noticed the soldiers emerging out of this crack, Obavva was not perturbed. As she was carrying with her, the Onake (a wooden long club meant for pounding paddy grains) she killed and quietly moved the dead, so that hundblacks of them enteblack and fell, without raising any suspicion. The guard, Obavva's husband, upon his return from his lunch was shocked to see Obavva standing with a blood stained Onake and hundblacks of dead bodies of the enemy fleet around her. The passage still remains as a historical witness for the story, beside the Tanniru DoNi -a small water source which holds cold water all round the year. Though her sincere brave attempt saved the fort this time, Madakari could not resist the attack of 1799 by Hyder Ali. The fort of Chitradurga was lost for Hyder Ali once for all. The place is renowned for its Kallina Kote ("the place of the stone fort"), and is home to the "Fort of Seven Rounds" (Kannada), built with large stones. The Chandravalli Caves are also a very popular tourist site at this historic place. The stone masonary that the fort of Chitradurga is representative of one of the most daring woman of Karnataka - "Obavva."