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Our vision : Universal development. Our request : email programmes (any country or any district of India) to the editor. Please donate or volunteer with communities.
Our plan : In 2016-18, we plan to share programmes of various stakeholders in many subissues in districts of India & 60 countries. Thane is our global example

Children in the World
Today, there are more than 2.2 billion children on Earth.
Nearly two billion of these live in a developing country.

Depending on the country in which they reside, a child will not enjoy the same rights or conditions of life as their Western counterparts. Many regions and countries in the Third World face great disparities, and the factors in question, whether political, economic, social, cultural, ethnic or religious, can have a different impact on each child.

Despite the progress that has been made in recent years, the situation faced by the children of our world is still desperate. The most fundamental rights of minors are violated in most parts of the world, and even in the most economically developed countries not all children benefit from the same rights.

Poverty and early deaths await millions of world's most disadvantaged children – UNICEF
28 June 2016 – Some 69 million children under five years of age will die from mostly preventable causes, 167 million children will live in poverty, and 750 million women will have been married as children by 2030, unless the world focuses more on the plight of its most disadvantaged children, according to a United Nations report published today.
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What is the Purpose of Children's forum
The purpose of children's forum is to share the issues children face in different countries of this world. The programme content members see various programmes through which stakeholders are addressing these challenges with solutions. Knowing fully well that societies in all countries face various issues (e.g. child health is dierct outcome of the income generation of parents), the programme content members see programmes on all the issues and their subissues and these are programmes addressed by all stakeholders like NGOs/NPOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists ... or these are shared by media or celebrities.

What will the forum cover
Current scenario (status statistics and challenges)
Interventions of stakeholders like governments, NGOs/NPOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities, media coverage
Interviews of experts around the world on key subissues


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