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About the Chandauli district

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Brief About Chandauli District
The District Chandauli is located in 24° 56' to 25° 35' north and 81° 14' to 84° 24' east at a distance of about 30 kms east-south-east of Varanasi. Chandauli is bounded on east by Bihar State , on the north-north-east of Ghazipur District, South of Sonebhadra District, South-east of Bihar and South-West Mirzapur. Karmanasa river is the dividing line from Bihar State.

Ganga, Karmanasa and Chandraprabha rivers form the geographical and economic strategy of the district.

Chandauli is said derive its name from the founder, Chandra Sah, a Barhaulia Rajput of the family of Narotam Rai, and his descendants, Shujan Sah and Bhupat Sah, who built the fort which is now in ruins. About 1768 the zamindars, Jai Singh and Maha Singh, fell into arrears with their revenue and were expelled by Man-nllan Khan, an apostate Gaharwar of Kera in Mirzapur. The Barhaulias, however, appear to have obtained engagement for the whole Chandauli taluqa at the permanent settlement, the 36 villages being assessed at Rs.5,749; but subsequently they were sold up.

District Chandauli was constituted during 1997, earlier it was the part of Varanasi District. On the bank of holy river Ganga In the Eastern Uttar Pradesh of Varanasi , Chandauli is a developing district comprising 3 Tehsils and 9 Development Blocks with a population of 12.74 lacs (1991). Out of total geographical area 27.8% is under Sakaldeeha, 25.6% uder Cahndauli and 46.6% of area is under Chakiya tehsil. The entire population is distributed over 2484.70 sq. kms of total geographical area which include 1633 villages (1365 inhabited, 268 uninhabited and 5 forest villages) ,5 town areas, 102 Nyay Panchyats and 622 Gram Sabhas. Out of the total population 9.9% live in urban and 89.1% in rural areas.

The nearest major railway stations are Mughal Sarai and Varanasi 8kms and 15 kms respectively.

The district has historical place Chahaniya, a block of Chandauli, is famous for its rich heritage. According to idioms, the Lord Rama directed Laxman to leave Sitamata for exile, the place where he left her was Chahaniya, earlier known as Dhandhor province. Maharishi Balmiki took her to his Ashram, where Sita spent her exile. An intermediate college is also running by the name of Maharishi Balmika at present.

In Dwapar Yuga, at the time of Mahabharat, famous Pandava, also spent their Agyatvas (unidentified exile) in Bairath Village, the then Capital of Raja Virat. The place is still rich with its archeological findings. The statue of brother-in-law of Raja Virat, Keechak is famous for its uncontrolled growth and contraction according to local people. The place is under the observation of Archeological Department.

Six kms apart from Chahaniya towards north-east, famous Saint Kapalik Aghoreshwar Shri Kina Ram Baba's birth place, Ramgarh is in this district. Baba KinaRam was the son of Raghuvanshi Chhatriya Akbar Singh. His mother was Mata Mansa Devi. According to myths, Lord Shiva himself originated by the name of Baba Kina Ram in Vikram Samvat 1568, Bhadra Masa, Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi. Akbar Singh was advised by his then Scholars to sale the child and purchase him again as Akbar Singh was blessed by child in his late age. Akbar Singh followed the advises and the child was pronounced as Kina Ram. (Kina is a Bhojpuri word for procurement). In the vicinity of Shivanand Ji, he became Vaishnav. He established four RamShalas named Ramgarh, Marukpur, Mahuar and Tanda. Baba Kina Ram always against to racial discrimination, untouchability throughout his life. In fact Baba Kina Ram is known as a Natural Form of Agorh, he never imagine for Heaven, he efforted for co-ordination of Vaishnav, Shivaya and Shakti. Human service was his prime object. Agorh Swami Baba Kina Ram worshiped Shiva, Shiva Kali, Tara Agoreshwar, Bharavi Bharav & Eshmashanvasni God & Goddess. It is a presumption that in the Agorah tradition, philosophy of worship of Shaivo &Shakyo is defined beautifully, which is not found in other way of worships. In the tradition of Nirgun Brahma (Stateless form of God), birth certified Avadhoot Baba Kina Ram appeablack as a glorious planet amongst others. He left with a series of disciples following Nirgun tradition, amongst few are Shri Chubba Ram Ji, Shri Ram Das Ram Ji, Shri Vishwanath Ram Ji and present head of Ramgarh.