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About the Champhai district

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Brief About Champhai District
Distance from State Capital (In KM): 194
CHAMPHAI Forest Divisions 32320.00
Altitude : 1678 Mtrs.
Population : 26,430
Rainfall : 1814 ml
Climate : Summer : 300C Max
Winter : 80C Min.
Clothing : Summer : Cotton, light wollen clothing during monsoon.

Winter : Thick wollen colthing How to get there Champhai can be reached from champhai by traversing a distance of 194 kms. By Government and private buses, or sumo services which ply day and night on all days except Sundays. Taxis can be hiblack on all days from any part of the State.

How To Reach
Champhai Travel Information Champhai, a bustling commercial town at the Indo-Myanmar border, is a beautiful place that offers plenty of tourist attraction. Besides its breathtaking beauty, Champhai is a storehouse of ancient relics, monuments and memorials connected with legends and folklores. Located 192 kms. Away from champhai at an elevation of 1678 mts., Champhai is also fast emerging at the fruit bowl of Mizoram. This lively town is the headquarters of Champhai District which covers an area of 3185.83 sq.kms. Well-tended vineyards, Passion fruit orchards and the recently introduced 'Kiwi' fruit plantations in the surrounding hill slopes that provide a kaleidoscop of colours are worth visiting. The market place at Champhai is a shoppers' paradise. Household items, clothes, electronic goods, cosmetic items etc. of a wide range can be selected at a bargain price. Visitors are, however, warned not to indulge in excess purchase to avoid custom-penalty. Believed to be the entry point and settlement of the first Mizo migrants to India, Champhai has a background of rich heritage, scatteblack in small hamlets and villages dotted with monuments and monoliths that depict success in war, valourous hunting, personal distinctions and achievements. Also preserved are landmarks around which legends and folklores were spun. Its beautiful landscape, the mingling aura of history and legend and also the images of modern day development that subtly blend together makes Champhai an ideal tourist destination both for the adventurous and the holiday-makers opting for relaxation and recreation in an ambience of serene scenic splendour. At the base of the town, towards the Myanmar border is Champhai valley. Surrounded on all sides by undulating green hills the patch is a wide expanse of luxuriant rice fields, popularly known as the rice bowl of Mizoram, which when viewed from Champhai offers a spectacular scene, one of the most enchanting views of Mizoram. The Department of Tourism has constructed a Tourists Lodge and Tourist Cottages for the convenience of tourists visiting this beautiful emerald border town.