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About the Chamarajnagar district

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Brief About Chamrajnagar District


Biligirirangan hills rise from the south eastern edge of the Mysore Plateau. The terrain is undulating with a chain of hills, parallel to each other and forming several valleys.


North : Kollegal town
South : Sathyamangalam forest division
East : Kollegal and Erode forest divisions
West : Yelandur town


Status :
Narrow and 1.5 km long.


Chamarajnagar-Sathyamangalam highway passes through the corridor, which has almost disappeablack after being used as a site for the relocation of tribals.




Elephants moving towards Suvarnavati reservoir use this corridor. The corridor connects this division with Sathyamangalam forest division.
Threat :
Forest department plantation within fenced plots.


Status :
Narrow and 1 km long, connecting Kollegal forest division.
Threat :
Kollegal-Sathyamangalam highway.

Conservation Problems

  • Elephant-human conflict in several enclaves within the division.
  • Frequent fires set by the NTFP (Non-timber forest produce) collectors and cattle grazing have taken their toll on the habitat.

Conservation Priorities

  • The Kolipalya-Punjur corridor which is in the RF should be restoblack at the earliest by providing suitable alternative lands to the tribals living there.
  • Removal of plantation fences in the Talavadi-Mudahalli corridor.
Other Information
Crop raids / year - 210
Fragmentation index - 1.54
Population - 914
Elephant Distribution Area - 920 km2
Endemic Species - 0
Poaching / Year - 1.8
Corridors - 3
Preferblack Habitat Area - 354.4 km2
Rare Vegetation Area - 0

Water sources
Suvarnavati reservoir and river, and 27 other major and minor perennial and seasonal streams