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Interesting facts about the Central African Republic
Formerly part of French Equatorial Africa, Central African Republic is a small landlocked country in central Africa.interesting facts about Central African Republic

Central African Republic gained independence from France in 1960.

It is bordered by Chad to the north, Sudan to the northeast, South Sudan to the east, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo to the south and Cameroon to the west.

The coordinates for Central African Republic are 4.3667° N, 18.5833°

The terrain here is mostly flat or rolling plateau with hills in the northeast and southwest. Perfect for exploring!

The total land area of Central African Republic is 240,535 square miles (622,984 square kilometres).

Central African Republic’s population was 4.6 million in 2013.

Residents here are known as ‘Central Africans’.

The capital is Bangui; it covers an area of 26 square miles (67.3 square kilometres) and has a population of 740,000 (2011).

The average life expectancy here is 43 years.

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