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Business celebrities
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Developmental celebrities
Drama celebrities
Economy celebrities
Engineer celebrities
Environment celebrities
Fashion celebrities
Film names as celebrities
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Developmental celebrities : They are almost parents of the issue which they focus on and their programmes can be replicated, scaled up or modified.

Environment celebrities : Environment plays a key part

Health celebrities
: Health is key for sustainability for humans, other living beings & nnliving things.

Film celebrities
: Reputation is key for sustainability of humans, other living beings & non living things. Interestingly, many citizens treat celebrities almost like goddesses or gods and listen to whatever they say. So in the real life (not reel life), they have an important role to play. Social sector needs them to play such important role and some celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan can play more roles or do campaigns for more than one issue.

Of course, the names of celebrities change with time. e.g. in our co founder's youth days, he liked the dream girl Hema Malini & Dharmendra and of course Amitabh (who is a Hindi film celebrity even now despite his age)

We have shared brief profiles of different type of celebrities. These are global celebrities as well as national celebrities. Many times people call them famous natives in the country. We are sharing brief profiles of these celebrities.
In India, which is our sample country, we are also sharing State / UT / district celebrities based on our research as well as views of the people in the region.

We know that in case of politics, if our poll or telephonic conversations suggest leader of one political party, then members of other political parties suggest leader from their political party. We know each politician has the power to influence people. Leaders of political parties play the real role of deciding the county's presence & future in this world.

Business, engineering, architecture ......... celebrities in a particular nation have influence only in their field in their nation. So each celebrity folder have world as well as country named files and depending on our editorial views we will place them either as world celebrities or country celebrities. (we are sure we can make mistakes because we are from the field of social sector and may have our own views on celebrities but we can change celebrity brief profiles from national to world level if suggested by national film magazine editors by email. In any case even if a celebrity is placed on the world page, we will put the same celebrity on the page of her / his citizenship country page)

In India, we plan to share more celebrities including districtwise celebrities which are like celebrities for local people. (e.g. In India or anywhere in the world, a doctor who saves life is treated like a god (unfortunately, when the patient recovers, she / he & family remembers the doctor for some months and after that they forget who saved the patient's life. They again remember the doctor when the patient or any person in the neighbourhood or any relative falls sick by the same disease).

Celebrity is almost like god. For many citizens, a celebrity is equally or more important than self & family. Celebrities are human beings and they suffer diseases like a common man or woman. e.g. cancer, dengue, HIV .... but whenever the celebrity is sick, their followers start praying for health recovery of that celebrity as if she / he is god or an additional member of their family. Remember, this is not a film / sports / politics site ... unfortunately, when we say celebrities, people think of celebrities from films, sports, politics but dont think or never believe of a developmental celebrity or a health (doctor) celebrity or environmental celebrities..or even leaders in business, drama, music etc.


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