Cancer in India
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CSRidentity.com plans to have and share eInterviews where related professionals from hospitals, Corporates, Foundations can share challenges related to this issue and the solutions.

We were thinking to put NGOs on Cancer but realised that there are hardly any NGOs like Cancer Patients Aid Association which focus on programmes for cancer patients. If anyone has Cancer, the first thing they want to know is the type of cancer, its remedies, how relatives of cancer patients should behave, doctors and hopspitals related to cancer and medicines prescribed. Of course they look at Insurance and how they can get related money for treatment, how government offers benefits.

But main stakeholders are doctors and hospitals. So we have removed NGOs are shared the names of doctors. But we have put a page of NGOs where one can see NGOs working on the issue

Instead of calling us, one can email us (Datacentre@CSRidentity.com), so that we invest more time in research & promotion than talking. When you send email, just send 5 lines with links to your website (If we receive any email with presentations or images or word files or presentations, our email machine will reject it because donors and we will see the website for presentations, images, details rather then jamming our email box)