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CSR in business process and management disciplines

Living and sharing the human touch should be a mantra which is adopted every moment, every day - through every function, every transaction.

Multiple stakeholders like citizens, customers, buyers, governments, NGOs/NPOs, corporates, funding agencies, media, activists... across the world are concerned about the clean and green mechanisms adopted by institutions specially corporates in generating income.

Manytimes business processes are thought of as an objective of just corporates, but please remember that the term though is business process, each institution, for profit or not for profit, has people who look after HR, admin, finance, marketing ....and therefore each institution must look at clear and green objectives of sustainability.

Our agenda therefore must focus in living and sharing a human touch : every moment, every day through every function and every transaction.

While it may sound like burden for corporates new to a concept like CSR in business process, or to SMEs & SMEs, following CSR at every step in every management function has always enhanced the reputation of the corporates, and equally, has added to their economic bottomline.

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