Identity (To start on 4 July)
Business Associations

Our plan
In India, we plan to share maximum number of business associations. This is important because business associations can share challenges of the corporate sector, share solutions which they think every company must adopt, send quarterely communications which we can put online for government, NGOs, celebrities, police, political parties.. which communicates what other stakeholders should know & understand the challenges of the corporate sector.

We will start sharing what Indian business associations implement as social projects in different countries with due email or telephonic communications .

Business associations in countries other than India
Our plan
Business associations are key because they can tell corporates within the association the various branches & leaves of Sustainability & Reputation tree which helps their corporate members measure CSR. And remember, there can be more than one business associations in any country and if one of them or if all of them can share what is good for corporates as well as good practices in various other countries.

Business associations & CSR ???
We share Business associations because they share that latest trends in business, are good networking associations and they share CSR in industries, CSR in business processes, CSR in people & planet policies, stakeholder dialogue .... to corporates in their country and inform their members that sharing their philanthropic initiatives is free.

Identity of business associations
We plan to interview some professionals in the business associations to know what they think is the identity of business associations worldwide.

Visibility (Country visibility or global visibility)
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What is CSR ?
CSR is far larger than corporate social responsibility. CSR is conscience, sustainability & reputation. In case of corporates, lets say it is Corporate Sustainability & Reputation (that is why our company name is Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting).