Brands (Each country, River, Religious location, Corporate, NGO .... celebrity ... is a BRAND or used for branding .... so the world is watching brands
C can be a country or corporate or community or ......
S stands for sustainability of Knowledge & Research
R stands for Reputation enhancement or promotion of the country, social issue, health issue ..........
Identity means what you are, so it can be identity of rivers, any specific country or district in India or Identity of corporates, NGOs, Governments, Police, Celebrity types, Doctors, Teachers, Parents ..... so it is what visitors think and you are supporting our efforts to enhance the identity or slowly change the identity towards good .... so instead of corporates which means think are profit oriented enterprises, one should say that corporates have economically good product or services and it has to make money to have employees, supply chain, reachout towards custoimers who buy it or promotion of the name so that more people buy it and corporates must make profit not just for its sustainability & reputation in the minds of customers but clients, country government, people at large who can be customers, researchers, celebrities, government officials, financial investors .....

Social issue
The cost is different for each social issue and it varies from Rs 2 Lakhs to Rs 4 Lakhs depending on the type of issue, number of NGOs, corporates, Funding agencies, Government schemes that have programmes related to the issue.
We will invest time to do research and promotion of related social programmes & social funding proposals by governments, NGOs, corporates, FAs ... on social issues

The cost is different for each health issue and it varies from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 2 Lakhs

We will invest time to do research and promotion the health issue, its challenges and solutions to these problems.


The cost is different for each country and it varies from Rs 3 Lakh to Rs 6 Lakhs

We will only take Governments, foreign embassies, Corporates, Funding agencies, NGOs which are substantial presence in that country as sponsors and not anybody who gives us the money because we want to do promotion of that country and it is required that the sponsor is from that country. In many countries, islands, territories, we may not get sponsor and it is perfectly fine with us.
India is our global example and there will not any sponsor for India as a country but there will be sponsors of corporates in India or NGOs in India or funding agencies in India or media in India or philanthropists in India or celebrities in India. We plan to share doctors and hospitals districtwise.

District of India
The cost is different for each district and it varies from Rs 0.24 Lakhs to Rs 1.2 Lakhs

If you support CSRidentity on any of the above, then your banner will be on 50% space on right side of every page of that folder.
If someone else does it earlier than you, you still have opportunity to enhance your brand.

In case of India, there is no country sponsorship not just because India is our global example but the index page must be dedicated to Bhau who has given our founder new vision on 28.8.2013, the entire's Sustainability was critical and he was the first person on earth to take the founder to hospital for survival in Thane district of India. Of course we can never forget the individuals & organisations which supported health of our founder and share them on the homepage of
In case of India, we give sponsorship to anyone who supports say our research and promotion on 10 000 Corporates in India or more than 100 000 NGOs in India .............

For more details, visit our brand value services

Branding helps.
Right from the product one buys to restaurants one goes for meetings or lunch or dinner or stay .... to the religious organisation one visits, the name is key.
The name is a brand.
So all churches, mosques, temples have god of concerned religion but somehow humans want to at least once in their life visit a Vatican City (Vatican city is now a country itself) or Mecca or Tirupati

Branding strategy : 4 levels
Global strategy : Name mentioned on the homepage of
Country strategy : Name mentioned on the every page of the country
District stragegy in case of India : Name mentioned on the every page of the district

Why we started sharing & enhacning brand ? is formed by an individual who has done engineering, an MBA in marketing and has experience on shop floor, in advertising & PR.
He left the job and started work for his own town Thane in 1996-1997. Within a fortnight, he realised that he did not have enough money for family sustainability, so he returned back to work. In year 1999, he worked for 1 day a week for family income and in 1999-2000 started his social enterprise working for India.

On 28.08.2013, he almost had a fatal accident at 5.30 AM and realised that anything can happen to anybody at anytime. He realised that even a very small (almost negligible) reputation, he was financially supported by others and many friends gave time in the hospital and at home. He realised that it is important to give more time not just for India but to all people living in all countries across the world. Now for him, work is a responsible hobby - almost like breathing -, so he works on all days.

We realised branding helps an individual or an institution in many ways.
So we have started sharing Interesting facts on each country which one must know.
So Croatia can be a great country. The lucky people in Croatia enjoy 2,715 hours of sunshine a year. According to Alfred Hitchcock, the seaside city of Zadar in Dalmatia holds the title of the best sunset in the world. Now how many know Croatia ? What is the national anthem of croatia ? On the page of national anthem, we share where is it situated in this large world.

Those who brand themself or organisation or village, district, county, state / UT, country usually go to advertising agencies, PR agencies.
They charge fees and one is happy to pay the fees if outcome is good. They continue to pay the fees.
We help these ad agencies & PR agencies because we plan to reach out by email to key corporates, NGOs, media, government officials in some 100 countries from 28.3.2019 (soft launch by 9.2.2019 or 12.2.2019) and reach out to more countries & stakeholders then on.

We charge a very nominal fee for global visibility, country visibility and in India visibility at State / UT level or even at district level. This nominal fee helps our global research, global promotion, employee salaries and our own sustainability.

While all social issues are important, our founder wants to invest more time for water, climate change, medicinal garden, kitchen garden, disability, senior citizens, value education and converting 1 below the line person to above the poverty line. And he knows that just cheque book help is not at all good (its like branding : bad humans, bad institutions can create their brand identity but it has limited life; good individuals & institutions if are branded in their type (like in the corporate or NGO group) or if they are branded globally, it helps them in many years and many difficult times. So you must know credibility of organisation you are supporting, then give cheque and dont stop but check the impact of the cheque.

We know that we cant do this across the world, so we are just setting up an example of helping Education in Kokanipada village or we may decide to help education of so called tribals or adivasis's for all the nearby villages below the hills in Thane and others can partner with us in making this a useful example which can be replicated in any village or community anywhere in the world.

Branding on any social issue forum
We share social issue forum for many social issues and cover Indian situtations, programmes of stakeholders, government schemes ... in that forum. We share 36 States / UTs & 700 plus districts of India in related issue forum. Because of meetings with various companies, we have put the issue forum only in one country because people say that they have right to advertise only in the country for which they are responsible and even if it is free in other countries, its not right for them because the people in that country may take objection (See the value of branding at country level).
So branding on social issue forum almost becomes a patent of that issue (of course only for a particular period) and though it is only sharing information and programmes in India, it is shared globally, so the branding becomes known at global level.

We share social issues in countries other than India in related country folder because we are clear that social issues are critical part and one lives with people around her / him and is not living solo (all alone). These are people from your family, neighbourhood, your employers or employees, your customers or you are a customer for many things ... so what is happening in social circles around you is absolutely critical for your growth (Not just by age but your value to the world and the returns of investment your parents and the world invests in you and this need not be financial value but satisfaction value is far greater than just financial value)

Of course, we know brands should be known globally, so there is Global branding process we have adopted.

Advertise your brand by sponsoring any one social issue where we cover all countries.....

For any communication, just send a mail to datacentre.


We value you & your brand
We value branding.
On the first page (home page) of we share the sponsor name next to the issue / country / stakeholders name.

Social issue sponsor banner enhances brand value
In case of social issues, pleaes note that under each social issue we cover India, States / UTs / Districts in India because for countries other than India, the social issues are shared under the country folder and not separate social issue forum.
Sponsorship of a social issue helps sponsor because their names gets associated with the social issue. We had shared all countries under related social issue forum but many people said they have the authority to take decisions only in India and for other countries we have to approach related country CSR / PR / media / Corp com person ... so we had to limit social issues only for one country and since India is our global example country, we are doing that for India. Each social issue forum shares the projects of government of India, corporates, NGOs, funding agencies in that issue in states / UTs / districts of India...
While social issues are shared separately in India, for other countries, the social issues are shared within their country.

Sponsor banner of corporates, governments, political parties, film celebrities...
We had separate folders for corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, political parties, doctors, 47 celebrity types ... but as of now have merged them in related country folders.
We are doing a research on Sustainability & Reputation Tree and will start forua or folders of corporates, NGOs .. which doesnt share only names or brands but what each corporate in each country must do. We call them stakeholders or shareholders of earth and will start related forum stakeholderwise later.

The stakeholders we are thinking of covering are :
Government :
Government, Government schemes, Foreign embassies, police, Political parties

Corporates, for profits, not for profits, rivers & locations
Corporates, Funding agencies, NGOs, Philanthropists, Media, Advertising agency, PR agencies, Helplines, Ministry of justice or law, Scientists, Rivers, Ashoka

Human health - treats them as celebrities
Doctors, Hospitals

Locations - treats them as celebrities
Historical locations, Religious locations, Locations you must know

Enjoy & learn - treats them as celebrities
Experiential tourism

United Nations, UNDP, WHO, World Bank

2020, 2030, 2050
2020, 2030, 2050

Business & Industry associations
Business associations, Industry associations

Rotary, Lions clubs
Giants clubs, Lions clubs, Rotary clubs, Sports clubs

Law colleges, MBA colleges, Medical colleges, Social work colleges

Academic celebrities, Activist celebrities, Administration celebs, Adventure celebrities, Architect celebrities, Art celebrities, Author celebrities, Blogger celebrities, Business celebrities, Comedy celebrities, Common greats celebs, Dance celebrities, Developmental celebrities, Drama celebrities, Economy celebrities, Engineer celebrities, Environment celebrities, Fashion celebrities, Film names as celebrities, Film actor celebrities, Film celebrities (exp producers / directors), Film celebrities (Budding producers / directors), Film writer celebrities,
Fine art celebrities, Food celebrities, Health celebrities, History celebrities, Journalism celebrities, Law celebrities, Literature celebrities, Media celebrities, Military celebrities, Music celebrities, Peace celebrities, Philosopher celebrities, Photography celebrities, Poet celebrities, Police celebrities, Political celebrities, Religion celebrities, Royalty celebrities, Science celebrities, Singing celebrities,
Spiritual celebrities, Sports celebrities, Television celebrities

Donors - treats them as celebrities
Donation of body, Donation of books, Donation of clothes, Donation of computers, Donation of eyes, Donation of finance, Donation of household products, Donation of organs, Donation of product, Donation of products

Volunteers - treats them as celebrities
Community based volunteers, Core competency based volunteers, Human habit based volunteers, Skill based volunteers, Time based volunteers