Brands (Product, corporate name, NGO name, FA name, consultant / researcher / ad agency / PR agency name ...... celebrity branding)

Branding helps.
Right from the product one buys to restaurants one goes for meetings or lunch or dinner or stay .... to the religious organisation one visits, the name is key and the name becomes then becomes a brand.
So all churches, mosques, temples have god of concerned religion but somehow humans want to at least once in their life visit a Vatican City or Mecca or Varanasi (Vatican city is now a country itself)

Branding strategy : 4 levels
Global strategy : Same product every where in the world
Multinational strategy : Same product in many countries but in some countries, the product specifications may vary
Country strategy : Same product in a specific country and the product may change countrywise
County / State / UT / District stragegy : Product can be different in each county (county not country), State / UT / district or may be named differently.

Why we started sharing & enhacning brand ? is formed by an individual who has done engineering, an MBA in marketing and has experience on shop floor, in advertising & PR agencies. He left the job and started work for his own town Thane in 1996-1997. Within a fortnight, he realised that he did not have enough money for family sustainability, so he returned back to work. In year 1999, he worked for 1 day a week for family income and in 1999-2000 started his social enterprise working for India.

On 28.08.2013, he almost had a fatal accident at 5.30 AM and realised that anything can happen to anybody at anytime. He realised that because of his reputation, he was financially supported by others and many friends gave time in the hospital and at home.

He realised that it is important to give more time not just for India but to all people living in all countries across the world. Now for him, work is a responsible hobby - almost like a breathing -, so he works on all days.

We realised branding helps an individual or an institution in many ways and those who brand it have branding fees for their sustinability. In our case, it is not just our sustainability but our want to help the people.

While all social issues are important, our founder wants to invest more time for water, climate change, medicinal garden, kitchen garden, disability, senior citizens, value education and converting 1 below the line person to above the poverty line. And he knows that just cheque book help is not at all good (its like branding : bad humans, bad institutions can create their brand identity but it has a small life; good individuals & institutions if are branded in their type (like in the corporate or NGO group) or if they are branded globally, it helps them survive many years and many difficult times. So we must know credibility of organisation we are supprting, then give cheque and dont stop but check the impact of the cheque.

We know that we cant do this across the world, so we are just setting up an example of help to Kokanipada village and others can partner with us in making this a useful example which can be replicated in any village or community anywhere in the world.

Branding on any social issue forum
We share social issue forum for many social issues and cover Indian situtations, programmes of stakeholders, government schemes ... in that forum. We share 36 States / UTs & 700 plus districts of India in related issue forum. Because of meetings with various companies, we have put the issue forum only in one country because people say that they have right to advertise only in the country for which they are responsible and even if it is free in other countries, its not right for them because the people in that country may take objection (See the value of branding at country level).
So branding on social issue forum almost becomes a patent of that issue (of course only for a particular period) and though it is only sharing information and programmes in India, it is shared globally, so the branding becomes known at global level.

We share social issues in countries other than India in related country folder because we are clear that social issues must be shared but the only brand we can share is the brand which wants to create identity at country level and so on top of each page, their is image of the brand which is supporting our research at that country.

Of course, we know brands should be known globally, so there is Global branding process we have adopted.

Advertise your brand by sponsoring any one social issue where we cover all countries.....

For any communication, just send a mail to datacentre.



Branding at global level
Global level branding


Jupiter Hospital

Branding country level
Country level branding

Branding district level (service only in India, our global sample country)
District level branding

Branding at stakeholder level
Branding within your stakeholder group.
Brand image is shared on top of related stakeholder folder and the same banner is shared at the bottom of related page in all country folders, which means the banner is there at the bottom of related page of the stakeholder is each of the 258 countries & islands in addition to being the top banner on related stakeholder page.

These stakeholders we cover are :
Government : Government, Government schemes, Foreign embassies

Corporates, for profits, not for profits, rivers & locations
Corporates, Funding agencies, NGOs, Philanthropists, Media, Advertising agency, PR agencies, Political parties, Helplines, Ministry of justice or law, Scientists, Rivers, Ashoka

Human health
Doctors, Hospitals

Historical locations, Religious locations, Locations you must know

Enjoy & learn
Experiential tourism

United Nations, UNDP, WHO, World Bank

2020, 2030, 2050
2020, 2030, 2050

Business & Industry associations
Business associations, Industry associations

Rotary, Lions clubs
Giants clubs, Lions clubs, Rotary clubs, Sports clubs

Law colleges, MBA colleges, Medical colleges, Social work colleges

Academic celebrities, Activist celebrities, Administration celebs, Adventure celebrities, Architect celebrities, Art celebrities, Author celebrities, Blogger celebrities, Business celebrities, Comedy celebrities, Common greats celebs, Dance celebrities, Developmental celebrities, Drama celebrities, Economy celebrities, Engineer celebrities, Environment celebrities, Fashion celebrities, Film names as celebrities, Film actor celebrities, Film celebrities (exp producers / directors), Film celebrities (Budding producers / directors), Film writer celebrities,
Fine art celebrities, Food celebrities, Health celebrities, History celebrities, Journalism celebrities, Law celebrities, Literature celebrities, Media celebrities, Military celebrities, Music celebrities, Peace celebrities, Philosopher celebrities, Photography celebrities, Poet celebrities, Police celebrities, Political celebrities, Religion celebrities, Royalty celebrities, Science celebrities, Singing celebrities,
Spiritual celebrities, Sports celebrities, Television celebrities

After 28.8.2017
Donation of body, Donation of books, Donation of clothes, Donation of computers, Donation of eyes, Donation of finance, Donation of household products, Donation of organs, Donation of product, Donation of products

Community based volunteers, Core competency based volunteers, Human habit based volunteers, Skill based volunteers, Time based volunteers