Our plan : By 28th Dec 2016, we plan to share at least 1 blood bank in more than 150 countries and by 12.2.2018, 1500 blood banks in various districts of India.
Our vision : Universal development Our mission : Be sustainable, promote others Our focus : Share challenges & solutions email your programmes on issues
Blood Donation : Credible blood banks are a great way to donate blood.
We have shared at least 1 blood donation bank or organisation in 159 countries as of now. We are planning to share about 500 blood donation units or blood banks in about 250 districts of India by 12.02.2017.
We request you all to share details of blood banks you know to Datacentre and we will load it with free access to all.

Key things of Blood donation
This donation doesnt depend on anyone's finacial condition (poor, middle class, rich)
This donation doesnt depend on anyone's nationality (One can be from any country)
This donation doesnt depend on anyone's sex (One can be male or female)
So anyone (of course there is a check of age and medical condition) can donate blood.

Every year on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day. The event, established in 2004, serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products, and to thank blood donors for their voluntary, life-saving gifts of blood.

World Blood Donor Day is one of eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO), along with World Health Day, World Tuberculosis Day, World Immunization Week, World Malaria Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Hepatitis Day and World AIDS Day

We share blood banks across the world free.
Our plan : By 28th Dec 2016, we plan to share at least 1 blood bank in more than 150 countries (already achieved on 06.12.2016) and by 12.2.2018, 1500 blood banks in various districts of India. And this is shared free to all visitors.

If you want to share contact details of the blood bank which is not on CSRidentity.com, do share it with Datacentre.

Every 2 seconds, someone somewhere is in need of blood.
A life’s pace is increased, so does the rate of accident. Accordindg to the statistics of BBC 2005, one person dies every six minutes and 10 are injured in the same time frame. Non availability of blood is the major cause to death.

Why is that there is shortage of blood?
1) When someone close needs blood, people give blood. For them, giving blood then becomes a need of someone close. They dont think its blood donation.
But if they have to give blood to someone they do not know, or to someone who is not from their caste or from the country which fights with their country ...... then they think giving blood is a problem.
People think that giving blood reduces their life.
So, blood donation is directly related to the mindset of a human.

We will interview an expert from a blood bank to share they facts of blood donation which most of the people dont know. And we are sure that these simple facts will increase the amount of blood donated and also increase the number of blood donors. Of course, there are some restrictions like age, physical condition, diseases but still millions of citizens can donate blood. Infact, it is a simple way of donation.

Unfortunately, compared to the size of population, the number of blood donors is very very small and many times blood banks say there is no availability of blood in the blood bank.

In Thane district in this world, we will demonstrate how the system changes if all the citizens, whether they are part of the government or individual citizens work together to donate blood.

We are pleased to share that Bhau Bapat wants us to share and promote blood donation as an issue across the world.

We are happy that the blood banks are founded or supported by governments, Red Cross, NGOs, corporates, foundations, philanthropists, celebrities or other individual or institutional stakeholders. We just share the addresses and phone numbers of the blood bank and not the profile of the blood bank. (We cant check if blood in the blood bank is donated and then given to the needy after required scrutiny is done like particular diseases, we leave this to the person approaching blood bank. So each citizen must check the quality of the blood bank at the earliest - when they dont need blood -, because when they need the blood for their family members or relatives or friends or neighbours, they dont have time to check credibility)

Global example : Thane
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