Blood banks

Our plan
Our plan 31.3.2019 : 10 000 plus Blood banks from 50 plus countries, SARs, islands. Next to the name of the Blood Bank, we are planning to put their address and phone number because one wants to contact the blood bank nearby in case of medical emergencies.
Their names are shared free in English alphabetical order.

We are helping Kai Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi (Blood bank)

Identity of the Blood banks
We will interview Blood banks, blood receivers, Corporates, Government officials, media to understand identity of Blood Bank sector.

They have to share Identity of the sector and not Identity of individual blood bank, and they will also share what the sector has to do to improve the Identity thereby enhancing the reputation of the sector.

Every blood bank has to test various factors in the blood like HIV status.

20th March 2017 : All About Blood Donation

20th March 2017 : 364 donate blood at charitable camp

8th March 2017 : Blood donation drive for dogs in Mumbai

27th February 2017 : Stem Cells Saved His Life. Two Years Later, He Met The Donor

8th Feb 2017 : No functional blood bank in six districts: Sushil Modi

9th September 2016 : Why India Needs More Blood Donors

Global visibility
Fee in India : Rs 35 400/-
Fees : USD 500/-

Country visibility
Fee in India : Rs 11800/-
Fees : USD 200

From now to 31.3.2019

We may change the fees from 01.04.2018
The fees are inclusive of GST for payment from India or USD 10, we have to give to our bank for International transfer.
Click here to get the country visibility in a particular sector where you are operating. has new life & vision thanks to Bhau - the father of the cofounder who survived an almost fatal accident on 28.8.2013.

Bhau wanted every individual to donate blood - of course with due consideration of age and medical condition and he invested substantial time and small part of the money for Kai Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi (Blood bank)