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About the Bahraich district

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Brief About Bahraich District
The dense forests and fast flowing rivers are the specialities of district Bahraich. There are many Mythological facts about the great historical value of district Bahraich. It was famous as the Capital of God Brahma, the maker of universe. It was also known as part of Gandharva Forest. Even today North east area of several hundred square Kms of the district is covered by the forest. It is said that Brahma ji deveoloped this forest covered area as the place of worship for Rishis & Sadhus. Therefore this place come to known as " Brahmaich" According to some other historians in the middle age this place was the capital of "Bhar" dynasty. Therefore it was called as "Bharraich". Which later come to be known as "Bahraich". Famous Chinese visitors Hwaintsang & Feighyaan visted this place. The famous Arab visitor Ibne-ba-tuta visted Bahraich and wrote that Bahraich is a beautiful city situated at the bank of holy river Saryu. According to Puraans King Luv, the son of God Ram & King Prasenjit ruled Bahraich. Also during the period of exile Pandavas & along with mother Kunti visited this place. The guru of Maharaja Janak , Rishi Ashtwakra used to live here. Rishi Valmiki & Rishi Balark also used to live here .

District Bahraich is situated in North eastern part of Devipatan Division. It is situated between the 28.24 & 27.4 latitude & 81.65 to 81.3 eastern longitude. According to ceusus of 1991 the area of distt. is 4696.8 sq km. which is 31.99% of the Devipatan Division. District Bahraich has a international border with Nepal on the Northern part. Distt. Barabanki & Sitapur are in South , Khiri in West and Gonda & Srawasti are in eastern side of the district Bahraich. Northern part of the district is Tarai region which is covered by the dense natural forest. Chakia , Sujauli , Nishangara , Mihinpurwa , Bichia & Baghauli are the main forest areas of the district. Sarju & Ghaghra are the major rivers of the district. District Bahraich is connected with Railway & Road routes to the other parts of the Nation.

Climate of the district is hot & humid. The maximum & minimum tempreture ranges between 44 C & 5 C. The average rainfall is 1125 mm.

Soil:- Soil of District Bahraich is fertile. Domat , Matiyar , Balui , & Light domat are the types of soils in the district. Due to fertile nature of the land greenery is spread throughout the District.

Land Water:- Major part of land water is received from rivers & lakes. Sarju , Rapti , Ghaghra , Kaudiyala are the ever flowing rivers. Besides there are various lakes & ponds in the District.

Ground Water:- Ground Water is not a problem in the District. The level of ground Water is sufficiently high. Water is normally found at 60 to 70 feet. Therefore for all industrial & agricultural purpose water is always avilable with the help of tubewells & pumpsets.

Mineral Wealth:- Mineral Wealth of the District is almost negligible but the nature has abundantly provided with forest wealth which plays an important role in the economic development of the District.

Forest Wealth:- According to the records of board of revenue in year 1994 - 95 95040 Hec. of land of the District is covered by dense forest. Trees of teak , Shisham , & Khair etc are found here. Therefore " kattha" factories are situated in Mihinpurwa block of the District. Ideal wood for furniture & buildings work is found here. Mango , Guava etc are the fruit trees found here in abundance.

According to census of 1991 the total population of Bahraich is 18, 40, 373. Which is 29.04% of Div. Devipatan. Out of this 9, 97, 512 were male & 8, 42, 861 were female. Rural population of the District is 16, 50, 010 & Urban population is 1, 90, 363. Literacy rate of the district is quite low. Only 3, 62, 080 were litterate. Out of which 2, 83, 910 were male & 78, 170 were female. Population of Schedule cast & Schedule tribes are 2, 78, 260 & 6150 respectively. Total Male Female ratio is 1000:845.

Nagar Palika Parishad Number 2
Nagar Panchayat Number 2
Police Station Number 19
Post Office Number 247