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Azerbaijan’s capital is often likened to Dubai for its outlandish architecture and appetite for gold.
Fire Mountain (Yanar Dag) does exactly what it says on the tin: it blazes continuously, with a natural flame that feeds off the huge underground gas deposits. The mountain, not far from Baku, has entranced travellers and conquerors for centuries: in the 13th century, explorer Marco Polo wrote of the mysterious fires that burned all over on the peninsula. Natural gas is a big earner for Azerbaijan: in 2013, it produced 29 billion cubic metres of the fuel.
It has no media freedom
Interesting facts about the country
In the lowest reaches of Azokh Cave in western Azerbaijan, archaeologists have found tools and remains dating back 1.5 million years. .. the caverns were occupied for nearly two million years.
Kutabi – filled pancakes – are practically Azerbaijan’s national dish.
No social occasion is complete without tea, served with myriad trimmings. It’s often sweetened with jam – and flavoured with thyme, lemon, mint or rosewater.
The karabakh horse – renowned for its effortless speed, intelligence and endurance – is the national animal of Azerbaijan. They are endemic to the country, and one of the oldest breeds in the world.
Azerbaijan has more mud volcanoes than any other country on earth – more than 400. When its volcanoes erupt, the flames shoot up to a kilometre in the air, and when dormant they bubble and pop with noxious gases.
It’s thought that washing newborns in salt water will make them strong, truthful and bold. Children’s fingernails and hair are only cut after their first birthday.
Most people have at least one gold tooth
A gold, shimmering smile is a common sight, especially among Azerbaijan’s older generations. For some, it’s a snazzy way to replace rotten teeth. For others, it’s akin to a savings account.
Baku is also home to Little Venice, a man-made waterway that flows between shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. It has a number of islands, connected by bridges and walkways – but the best way to get around is by gondola.
When bread goes stale, Azerbaijani cooks don’t just chuck it in the bin: they hang it up in bags, separate from the rest of the rubbish, to signify their respect. If you drop bread on the floor, it’s custom to kiss it, as an apology.
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Garry Kasparov, a former world chess champion, was born in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, and attended chess school there. Also hailing from Azerbaijan is the youngest International Grand Master ever; 14-year-old Teymur Rajabov.
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