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Business & Developmental associations

Why Associations if we take care of individual institutions ?
We cover business associations and development associations because they integrate the institutions of their region and their type. Integration of efforts is critical. Each individual has a limitation of thinking but integrate the thinking and we can think larger.

We cover countries, social, developmental, CSR & Sustainability issues
We now share 258 countries (193 UN Member countries + 65 Non UN Member countries & SRAs), 5 oceans, 7 continents, 1 world and 1 universe. We are with our team across the world. We know that most of us are concerned with nation building. This is an integral part of developing the world and therefore the universe. It is time that we realise this simple fact.

While our analysis in 2015-16 covers CSR of 10 000 corporates, 15 000 recommended NGOs across the world, many global / national funding agencies, and many key stakeholding institutions, we are starting on 671 districts of India in 2014 and are sure that we will start in districts / counties of other countries in 2015. By that time we might have more countries / states / counties / districts.

In 2014 to 2017, we have plans to reachout to many community members and individuals which support them e.g. NGOs, Corporates, Funding Agencies, Cultural and sports Clubs, Philanthropists, Rotary / Lions and other key clubs and other institutions of the world. While computers or internet is accessible to many now, large numbers have access the new and simple technologies like what's up or facebook or linked in etc.

We cover over 100 social & developmental issues & their 500 subissues and hundreds of sustainability issues so that every institution has a focus, and integrate that focus to ensure that we take care of this universe.

We started thiking CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility. A deep research helped us on Sustainability Tree and therefore we changed CSR to Corporate Sustainability & Reputation. Further experience & research has made us to make CSR as Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation.

Being from the social & development sector has really helped us in this thinking. This is so because we believe that all living things have their own responsibility e.g. a tree can take care of climate change (of course its scale depends on many things like age, size and most importantly nature). We know that citizenship for most of us leads to nation development which is great but our vision should not be limited to the goodness of the country where we are from, or the world we are from. It must now increase our horizons to the universe.

We therefore think that caste, religion, nation, world, universe will come if we have the conscience. The thinking has to be positive.

We know that Sustainability of us as individuals and us as part of an institution (whether current employees or alumni) is important because then only we can take care of others (humans as well as other living & nonliving things). The scale of sustainability of course is our choice because the size and scale of sustainability changes everywhere.

Identity means the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. This in simple word for say a corporate means that the chairman / CEO is not its identity because less people meet her / him. The ideal identity starts with say a security person who greets us, or say the receptionist who geneunily greets one, because in a corporate everyone meets this person first and our identity of a corporate depends on how these people are. While we have mentioned corporates, we know that the same philosophy is applicable to other stakeholders whose identity we form in our mind.

We therefore request all of you to think of CSR with a much larger vision and please remember that it is not for corporates but for all individuals and institutions.