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Ashoknagar District

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About the Ashoknagar district

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Brief About Ashoknagar District
Ashoknagar is located on the northern-eastern part of Malwa Platue between Parbati and the Betwa. Mathematically the District is situated between the latitude 24.34 N and longitude 77.43 E . The eastern and western boundaries of the District are well defined by the rivers. The Betwa flows along the eastern boundary separating from Sagar District, and Lalitpur and Jhansi District of Uttar Pradesh. The Parbati is the main river flowing along the western boundary. Chanderi is famous for its exquisite and delicate muslin industry is a part of the district

Ashoknagar district is well connected with M.P. & other parts of India by Road,and rail. Ashoknagar is situated on the State Highway. It is Well connected with its surrounding district namely Guna , Vidisha and Shivpuri

Ashoknagar is situated on the Western Railway 's broad gauge line of the Kota-Bina Section. Another rail link, viz., The total rail length in the district is about 141 Km and the route kilometrege per 100 square KM is 1.27. Recently The trains are available for Kota, Bina, Ujjain, Indore and Gwalior. The details about the train timings and their frequency at Ashoknagar is given in RAILWAY TIME TABLE for Ashoknagar.

District Collector : 07543-222800 / 07543-222809

Fast Facts
Tehsils : 4
Blocks : 4
Total Villages : 900
Habitat Villages : 821
Inhabitat Villages : 79
Forest Villages : 0
Assembly Constituencies : 3
Police Station : 09
Police Choky : 11
Janpad Panchayat : 4
Gram Panchaya : 321
Revenue Inspector Circle : 10
Patwari Circle : 165