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Alumni is a former student or employee and many times the alumni is a great source of information and a good source of networking.
But we cant recollect seen anywhere in the world the alumni which discusses CSR or responsibility or may be unknowingly CSR as a concept defined by CSRidentity.com .

Now a days, we are experiencing Alumni Groups because in the past few years, our cofounder Sanjay Bapat who was alumni on schools / colleges, is experiencing Alumni & Whatsapp groups.
Alumni Group of Bedekar Vidya Mandir - He was in that school till 7th standard.
Alumni Group of M H High School - He was in that school from 8th to 10th standard.
Alumni meetings of Gogate College of Engineering (He did his BE in Mechanical engineering from this colleges (1980 - 1984)
Alumni meetings of Prin L N Welingkar Institute of Management - He did his MMS (World calls it MBA) from this college (1985 - 1987)
There is Whatsapp group of Binar School where he volunteers and it is our global example.
When he calls Principal of a school in Kokanipada which is our global example, she sends messages through Whatsapp.

Our cofounder Sanjay Bapat has frinds from school / colleges of varied religions who live in many countries in the world. Two of his classmates in Enginerring stay in Germany, many of his classmates from Engineering stay in various cities in USA, some stay in UK .. many visit different countries and different locations in the world and in different districts of India.

And when in November 2017, his school Alumni visited New Zealand and she visited lots of places there, she shared photographs in facebook. That sparked the idea of sharing such photoes across the world. One of his classmates goes to various countries in a separate flight of PM of India, so he visits many countries, one of his school mate is now Member of Parliament of India ....

He is approaching class mates / school mates / frinds, CA and 5 locations in late November 2017 to share such photographs and he will put in locations to visit.
All these photographs will be shared on a separate email id given to these groups because we do not accept images, presentations, pdfs or word files in our emails because it occupies lot of space.

Now the images of pictures they have taken in countries across the world can be shared in country locations and different places they visit in districts of India will be shared district wise in India and below the picture, he will share the name of the person who visited there. And some of these pictures will be shared in Kokanipada school (forest area school of adivasi's), MBA Foundation school / hostel (differently abled), Bhinar school (school / hostel from tribals) and Yamgarwadi School (for nomadics) and anyboday can download these pictures any where in the world and share it in schools / collages / groups so that people can say that they have seen images of Loksabha in India or Wall of China in China, Manchester United Stadium in UK, sea in Newzealand and somethings in USA, Canada, Africa, Germany ... When it comes to pictures of humans, it will be only with Nobel laurates and PMs, common greats and all kinds of celebrities typically the development celebrities.