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Official Website : http://akola.gov.in

Headquarters : Akola
State : Maharashtra

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 5676
Rural : 5592.04
Urban : 83.96

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 1813906
Rural : 1094165
Urban : 719741
Male : 932334
Female : 881572
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 946
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 320

Official language : Marathi

Helplines :
1 Collector Akola Collector Office Akola 0724-2424442
2 SP Akola SP Office Akola 07242435002
3 CEO ZP Akola ZP AKola 0724-2435213
4 Commissioner AMC AMC Akola 0724-243503
5 Civil Surgeon Civil Hospital Akola 0724-2434918
6 Executive Engineer PWD Akola 0724-2435068
7 Executive Engineer Irrigation Dept. Akola 0724-2435316
8 Add. Collector Collector Office Akola 0724-2432153
9 Resident Dy Collector Collector Office Akola 0724-2435193
10 Add. S P S P Office Akola 0724-2445301
11 Sub divisional Officer SDO Akola 0724-2435336
12 Sub divisional Officer SDO Akot 07258-222674
13 Sub divisional Officer SDO Murtizapur 07256-243472
14 PI DSB S P Office Akola 0724-2445307
15 Tahsildar Tahsildar Akola 0724-2435047
16 Tahsildar Tahsildar Akot 07258-222625
17 Tahsildar Tahsildar Barshitakali 07255-252043
18 Tahsildar Tahsildar Telhara 07258-231336
19 Tahsildar Tahsildar Balapur 07257-232123
20 Tahsildar Tahsildar Murtizapur 07256-244133
21 S P Office Akola 0724-2435500
22 S D PO Akola Sub divisional Officer, Akola 0724-2445303
23 Police Inspector, City Kotwali 0724-2445320
24 Police Inspector, Ramdas Petha 0724-2445324
25 Police Inspector, Civil Line 0724-2445330
26 Police Inspector ,Old city 0724-2445340
27 Police Inspector ,Akot Phaill 0724-2445336
28 Police Inspector, Khadan 0724-2445332
29 S D PO Akot Sub divisional Officer, Akot 0724-2445303
30 Police Inspector, City Kotwali 0724-2445320
31 Police Inspector, Ramdas Petha 0724-2445324
32 Police Inspector, Civil Line 0724-2445330
33 Police Inspector ,Old city 0724-245340
34 Police Inspector ,Akot Phaill 0724-2445336
35 Police Inspector, Khadan 0724-2445332
36 S D PO Balapur Sub divisional Officer, Balapur 07257-222360
37 Police Inspector, Balapur 07257-222120
38 Police Inspector, Ural 07257-226012
39 Police Inspector, Patur 07257-243228
40 Police Inspector ,Channi 07257-248011
41 S D PO Murtizapur Sub divisional Officer, Murtizapur 07256-243493
42 Police Inspector, Murtizapur 07256-243469
43 Police Inspector, Mana 07256-246032
44 Municipal council CEO Municipal council CEO Akot 07258-222652
45 Municipal council CEO Telhara 07258-231371
46 Municipal council CEO Balapur 07257-222124
47 Municipal council CEO Patur 07254-243241
48 Municipal council CEO Murtizapur 07256-243422
49 Municipal council CEO Barshitakli 07256-243422

Population (Census 2010) :
In 2011, Akola had population of 1,813,906

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Akola District Information

Brief About Akola District
Akola is the city in the state of Maharashtra. Akola is the head quarter of Akola District located in Akola Division.


5,431 sq. km., population 1,629,305 (2001 census). Akola district in India is bounded on the north by Akola district, to the east by Akola district and by Washim district, to the south by Washim district, and to the west by Buldhana district. The district of Akola comprise of talukas namely Akot, Telhara, Akola, Balapur, Patur, Barshitakli and Murtajapur.

The Battle of Argaon, ( Adgaon near Akot ), took place on November 28, 1803, between the British under the command of Governer Arthur Wellesley and the forces of Maratha under Bhonsle of Nagpur during Second Anglo-Maratha War. Many old forts are located in Akola District viz. Narnala Fort Akot Fort Akola Fort Balapur Fort

The district boundary latitude are : N and longitude are : E The climate is tropical and people mostly uses cotton clothes. The Purna River forms the part of north boundary of the district, and the top north portion of the district lies within its watershed along with Aas River and Shahnur River. The Vaan River forms the part of northwest boundary of the district after entering from the Akola district. The Maan River drains the southwestern portion of the district, Morna River drains the midsouth portion of the district,while the southeast is drained by the Katepurna River and Uma River. Here are some of the rivers in Akola, with their tributaries Purna River Uma River Katepurna River Shahanur River Morna River Mann River Mas River Utawali River Vishwamitri River Nirguna River Gandhari River Aas River Vaan RiverImportant railway stations with their codes are Paras, Gaigaon, Akola Junction(AK), Murtajapur Junction (MZR) and are under Bhusawal-Badnera Section of Bhusawal Division of Central Railway. The other stations under meter gauge are Hiwarkhed(), Adgaon Buzurg(ABZ) , Akot(AKOT), Patsul(PTZ), Ugwe(UGWE), Akola Junction , Shivani Shivpur(SVW), Barshitakli(BSQ), Lohogad(LHD), Amna Vadi(AMW),Jaulka(JUK) are under Purna - Khandwa Section of South Central Railway. The stations under narrow gauge are Lakhpuri, Murtajapur Junction, Karanja under two Narrow Gauge Branch lines viz Murtajapur-Achalpur and Murtajapur-Yavatmal of Bhusawal Division of Central Railway. Cotton and Jawar are the predominant crops grown in the district. Oil and Dal mills are also rampant. Akola district forms the central part of Akola division, which corresponds to the former British Raj province of Berar. Collector : 27 Akola, Collector Office Compound,Akola. 0724 / 2438281