Advertising Agencies

From now to 31 March 2019 we plan to share names & addresses of advertising agencies in at least 150 countries.

Advertising agencies & CSR ???
CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation.
And not the traditional meaning of CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our cofounder has few years of experience in advertising, but that time, he was thinking of advertising of just products.
Infact he wanted to start Ad or PR agency because in ad agency or PR agency, the client servicing professionals handle many clients at the same time.
It was actually the starting point of his thinking of many things together and he has used that as a part of our efforts of integration of corporates, NGOs, Funding agencies, media, celebrities .....

Now we think that advertising agencies have a far greater role that just product advertising or advertising for a corporate.
We know that the CEO of advertising agencies meet CEOs of their clients whether it is a corporate or NGO ... if the advertising agency handles government, then the ad agency CEO has access to government officials.
And they can use it to enhance the image & visibiity and create a brand.

We have developed a new concept of Sustainability & Reputation with the tree's branches & leaves and we will share the role of advertising agencies later. is an integrator of social issue challenges & programmes of various stakeholders across the world.
And advertising agencies can share the programmes / projects on social issues free.
Clients or their ad agencies can just share 100 words programmes on any social issue in any country free.
Just email the programmes to Datacentre