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Official Website : https://adilabad.nic.in/

Headquarters : Adilabad
State : Telangana (TS)

Area 4,153 Sq Km
No. of Revenue Divisions 2
No. of Erstwhile Taluks 2
No. of Revenue Mandals 18 (17 Rural + 1 Urban)
No. of Mandal Praja Parishads 13
No. of Gram Panchayats 467
No. of Villages 508
No. of Municipalities 1

Total Population 708972
Population (Male) – % 356407 – 50.27%
Population (Female) 352565 – 49.73%
Rural Population 541226 – 76.34 %
Urban Population 167746 – 23.66 %
Total No Of Families 156683
Population Density per Sqm 171

Children Population (0-6 yrs) 87292
Literacy Percentage 63.46 %
Scheduled Caste Population 99422
Scheduled Tribe Population 224622
Labour Population 349121
No.of Farmers 126363
Agricultural Market committees 5
Rythu Bazaars 1
Veterinary Poly Clinics 1
Veterinary Hospitals 2
Veterinary Dispensaries 22
Medical Sub Centers 132
Primary Health Centers 22
Community Health Centers 2
Teaching Hospital 1
Primary Schools 988
Upper Primary Schools 177
High Schools 235
Model Schools 6
Central Schools 1
Junior Colleges 47
Degree Colleges 13
B.Ed. Colleges 2
Old Age Pensions 24868
Disabled Pensions 6701
Widow Pensions 27390
Text Tile Worker Pensions 23
Toddy Toper Pensions 33
Anti Retra viral Therapy 735
Financial Assistance To Beedi Workers 5091
Fair Price Shops 355
Road Transport Corporation Depots 2
Railway Stations 4
Forest Area In SqKMs 1706.89
Major Irrigation Projects 3
Middle Level Irrigation Projects 1
Head Post Office 1
Sub Post Offices 14
Branch Post Office 127
Nationalized Banks 18
Private Banks 6
Regional Rural Banks 1
Cooperative Banks 9
Telephone Exchanges 17
Police Stations 24
Toursim Centres 23

Official language : Telangana and Urdu

Helplines :
Control Room Collectorate : 1800-425-1939
State Control Room : 1070
Fire : 101
Medical Help line : 102 /108
Police: 100
BSNL Helpline :1503/ 1800-180-1503

Population (Census 2010) :
The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Adilabad District Information
7 Muncipalities
52 mandals
1743 villages ( 1557 : inhabited and 186 villages : un-inhabitated. )
Rural Population : 73.52%
Sex Ratio : 980
Literate population : 27.8% (lower than the rest of the state, which is 37.8%).

The district was situated between 77.46' and 80.01' ,of the eastern longitudes and 18.40' and 19.56', of northern latitudes.The district is bounded on north by Yeotmal and Chanda district of Maharastra, on the east by Chanda district, on the south by Karimnagar and Nizamabad districts and on the west by Nanded district of Maharastra State.

With 5.9% of total area of AP, the district is the 5th largest in AP. However it accounts for only 3% of the population of Andhra Pradesh. It is however,the second largest district in the Telangana of the inhabited and 167 unihabited village and 11 Towns.

The district derives its name from Adilabad,its headquarters town which was named after the ruler of Bijapur, Ali Adil Shah. The district was for long not a homogenius unit and its component parts were ruled at different periods by nasties namely, the Mauryas, Staavahanas, Vakatakas,Chaludyasof Badami, Rashtrakututs, Chalukyas of Kalyani, Mughals, Bhosle Rajes of Nagpur and Asaf Jahis, besides the Gond Rajas of Sirpur and Chanda.

Originally this was not full fledged district but a sub-district named Sirpur-Tandur which was created in A.D. 1872 with Edlabad (Adilabad), Rajura and Sirpur as its consistuents talukas.

In 1905 the status of this sub-district was raised to that of an independent district with head quarters at Adilabad

Adilabad-Boundaries and Topography
Adilabad district is situated with the geographical coordination of 77.46' and 80.01' ,of the eastern longitudes and 18.40' and 19.56', of northern latitudes.

The district is bounded on north by Yeotmal and Chanda district of Maharastra, on the east by Chanda district, on the south by Karimnagar and Nizamabad districts and on the west by Nanded district of Maharastra State.

The district has population of 2079098 which accounts for 3.13% of the total population of the State. It is however takes the fifth rank in area with an extent of 16128 SU kms.Which account for 5.90% of the total area of the State. It is however,the second largest district in the Telangana of the inhabited and 167 unihabited village and 11 Towns.

The District Comprises of 52 Mandals and 1743 villages of which 1557 villages are inhabited and 186 villages are un-inhabitated. There are 7 Muncipalities in the District. The District is conveniently formed into 5 divisions 1)Adilabad , 2) Nirmal ,3)Utnoor, 4)Asifabad,5)Mancherial.

The Sahyadri mountain range or The Satnala range traverses the district from the northwest to the southeast for about 281.5 Kms. In this range The Mahbub Ghat is the highest peak. They are many hills and hillocks of minor importance in the eastern part of the district.

The climate of the district is characterized by the hot summer and is generally dry except during the southwest monsoon. The year may be divided into four seasons. The cold season from December to February is followed by the summer season from March to May. The period from June to September constitute the southwest monsoon season, while October and November from the post monsoon season.

The relative humidity is high during the southwest monsoon season. The air is generally dry during the rest of the year, the district part of the year being the summer season when the humidity in the afternoon is 25%.
The rainfall in the district, in general increases from the southwest towards the northeast. About 85% of annual rainfall is received during the southwest monsoon season. The peak rainy month is July. The variation in the Annual rainfall of a year is not very large. Annual rainfall of the district is 1044.5m.m.

The cold weather commences towards the end of November when the temperature begins to fall rapidly. December is generally the coldest month, with the daily maximum temperature of about 29 C and the minimum of 15c

Winds are light to moderate with some strengthening in the period from May to August. During the post-monsoon and cold season, winds blow mostly from the east or northeast. By March, south westerlies start blowing and continue the rest of summer. The southwest monsoon season winds are mostly from directions between southwest and northwest.

There is a metrological observatory station at Adilabad.

The district elects two Members of Parliament to the national legislature and nine Members of Legislative Assembly to the state legislature.

Headquarters of Adilabad district was shifted from Adilabad to Asifabad in 1913-14 and again reverted back to Adilabad in 1940-41.
Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd. at Kagaznagar was registered in 1938 and production of Paper was started in 1942 in the name of Hyderabad Construction Co.Ltd.

Sirsilk Ltd., Kagaznagar was started in 1946 and started production of rayon-yarn art-silk and other synthetic fabrics. The factory was later closed in early 1990s.

The Associated Cement Co.Ltd.(ACC) was started in 1958 for manufacturing of cement at Mancherial.

Nizam's state Road Transport Services established in 1932 with 27 Buses having 284 Miles (454 KM) of routes in Nizam state.

The Road Transport Department (RTD) of Nizam Govt. started operating in the Dist.in 1950-51 with 18 buses on the road covering 334 miles (538 Kms) from two Buses depots at Nirmal and Asifabad.

The Railway first came in the district at the close of 19th century at Basar of Mudhol on Kachiguda Manmad metre guage track.
The branch of state bank of Hyderabad was opened at Adilabad oround 1947 followed by its branches at Kagaznagar, Nirmal, Bhainsa, Bellampally, Luxettipet & Chinnur.

Kazipeth - Ballarsha Railway line passing through Adilabad district was opened by the end of 1929 AD. having 81 Kms.track passing through Luxettipet, Asifabad and Sirpur erswhile taluqs of the district.

Kosal - Adilabad section of Railway line (23)Kms. on Mudkhed -Adilabad metre guage Section was opened for traffic by MAY1950.
Regional Employment Exchange Warangal started in 1946 was catering to the needs of Adilabad Dist.The District Employment Exchange started in Adilabad in December 1957.

The Taluq Hospital which was existance from 1894 AD. was serving the public till 1941 i.e. shifting of Dist.Headquartersfrom Asifabad to Adilabad. Even after that the Dist.Hqr Hospital was housed there with a bed strength of 12 which was gradually increased.

Telephones started functioning in Adilabad at the end of 1960s.





Tourism places 
Kuntala Water Falls , Gayatri Waterfalls , Pochera Water Falls
Jainath Temple , Nagoba Jatara Keslapur