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We should focus on just Corporates & NGOs. What is the need to cover stakeholders like governments, funding agencies, celebrities, media ....

Everyone thinks that the site name is CSRidentity.com, so we should cover only corporates (philanthropy, business conferences, people & planet policies....).
There are a few thousand corporates (public sector companies with large share of government ; companies started (and owned) in India; MNCs with origin outside India but working or selling in India; social businesses; social entrepreneurs), more than a million grocers & small shop owners... and India is so big a country (1/7th of the world by population), so it is more than enough to cover only Indian corporates.
People think that at the most, we should cover NGOs (India has about 3.3 million NGOs) because NGOs are supposed to work for communities and are corporate partners for philanthropy work, volunteering...

So, the first question we are asked is : Why cover corporates & NGOs across the world (193 UN member countries, 2 SARs, 63 Non UN countries or regions) ?

The second and more important question that we are asked is : Why cover stakeholders like governments, consultants, researchers, ad & PR agencies, media, celebrities, doctors, hospitals, lawyers, universities for social work, MBA, law & medical science...... because we are not a site with focus on celebrities or doctors or lawyers or consultants or ad / PR agencies .....

The answer is simple to give but difficut to understand.

Let us be clear that our cofounder thinks that after an almost fatal accident on 28.8.2013, this is his new life. So this almost new life should be dedicated to the universe of which world is an important part and countries are just a small part and within each country the location is a very very small part and individual citizens play a very very small role in development (each individual is a part of more than 7.4 billion people and this number grows every second)....but within individuals there are people who dedicate substantial wealth to the human beings, nature ... (giving pledge) and more importantly there are individuals who give their life for community (not wealth but life) we call them development celebrities.

There has to be a digital version to share all the corporates, consultants, researchers, NGOs, funding agencies, philanthropists, scientists, celebrities, ad / PR agencies, media ..... and this version is CSRidentity.com

We know that corporates & NGOs are just two stakeholders and the countries are managed by repective governments.
Sustainability (Long term living) of each human being and living being is managed by doctors & hospitals, media writes about the status and covers stories in their region or anywhere in the world, lawyers take care of the law of their country of operation, ad agencies do campaings, PR agencies manage Public relations..... so the world is dependent on many stakeholders and it is important to cover in brief all the stakeholders. And that is why global coverage, whether it is sponsred or part of it is sponsored or there is nobody to sponsor any part of the site.

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