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About CSRidentity.com

What is CSR ?
stands for Conscience, Sustainability, Reputation.
From Corporate Social Responsibility, we moved to Corporate Sustainability & Reputation in 2010.
Our reputation helped our sustainability after an almost fatal accident to our cofounder on 28.8.2013.
Now CSR stands for Conscience Sustainability & Reputation.
We realised that corporate is just one stakeholder, so it is myopic to think CSR is only for corporates.

What is identity ?
Identity is what you are.
Individuals & institutions have a clear identity.
Its more than a printed I card. Its real life Identity card.
Yes, PR can enhance your good image but first thing is that you must be good.
If you are not good, you must change from within, and it will take years to be good. Yes money helps speed up your change from bad to good.

Identity stands for self, cultural, national, global & universal identity and it is certainly not just the logo as many people define it.

Why dot com ?
We are a social enterprise, so dot com We have started sharing the issues, countries, 5 oceans, 7 continents, world and universe.

Are we sharing only perfect humans and issues ?
We know that no human being is perfect.
And institutions are an integration of humans, so they can never be perfect.
Rivers give us water (can anyone live longer without water ?). But we make rivers dirty. So unfortunately rivers are also not perfect.

Which issues we dont cover ?
Criminology, naxalism

Why cover various stakeholders ?
After years of research & experience, we have realised the simple fact that every individual & institution must be responsible for social & developmental issues. The first thing they must question themself is the purpose of their life. Is it for self or for universal society which covers humans, other living beings and other non living beings. If it is self, then they should stop visiting CSRidentity.com

Governments, NGOs /NPOs, Soc businesses, Soc. Entrepreneurs, Funding Agencies, Philanthropists, Media, Celebrities, Developmental celebs, Film celebrities, Sports celebrities .. must do certain things and must avoid certain things in their behaviour, governance, HR policies, business processes (for profit or not for profit)... We may or may not exist in 2020, 2030, 2050 but we must ensure that we leave this world with something where the world & the universe is a better living place.
Please dont even think that corporates alone will take care of issues, countries, earthquakes, climate change, tornados, world, universe challenges.

And we should not allow interference of caste, religion, colour, nationality in conscience.

Why global and not focus on just one country or one issus ?
Instead of working for one village or one community or one country, we must enhance the great work millions are doing in different countries.
In this case, we must share a global picture of challenges & solutions.
Of course, we must share an example and since we cover Thane as global example, we will share how we are making development in Kokanipada

We also feel that each stakeholder has to be
1) sustainable to help more communities & integrate programme sustainability with institutional, national & universal sustainability.
2) reputed so that one gets the right donation & volunteers to further enhance the scope of work.

Why we changed our initial target of 2050 ?
We are a global research and partnership site
and we thought of a dream of universal development by year 2050.
But then we realised that there will be new challenges by 2050, 2100, 2150 ....
so universal development is a process and is never ending.
So now there is no year of universal development.

What we cover in CSRidentity.com ?
We have two focus areas.
1) Social, developmental & sustainability tree issues
2) 258 countries {193 UN member countries, 63 Non UN countries & 2 special administrative zones (HongKong & Macau)}
7 continents, 5 oceans, 1 world & 1 universe.
We know that Middle east is not legally a continent but we feel that it is important for universal development and hence we may put it as a separate area.
With time, the number of countries, regions may increase or decrease and we will share it with related news within few working days.

We share awards, helplines, seminars, conferences, governments, corporates, NGOs, FAs, media, celebrities , ad / PR agencies, consultants & researchers.......
We also share various UN organisations and worldwide UN observances.
We cover India, Indian government schemes, 36 States & UTs & 677 + districts in India and treat Thane is our global example. We share how Indian members of parliament service their constituency with Mr Rajan Vichare, MP from our constituency in Thane as our example. (There are 3 MPs from Thane - Thane was the biggest district in India till August 14, 2014 and on 15 August 2014, Thane district was divided into Thane & Palghar districts)

Why content membership ?
More than 99% information is free for all.
We have content membership as our sustainability tool
We also have country visibility tool to enhance brand value in your country and Global visibility to enhance you brand globally

Why we share funding proposals of others in CSRidentity.com ?

We know that for universal development, we need lot of money. More than 1 billion people live with just 1 dollar a day and now there is an issue of migration, so this number may change everyday. After 28.08.2013, we decided that millions of individuals & institutions are helping communities and we must promote them.

So, one way is to share thosands sf funding proposals across the world by March 2017.

What is new areas we plan to cover in CSRidentity.com ?
There are two such issues.
1) Sustainability tree : We have shared sustainability tree branches & leaves and plan to share at least one example of each sustainability tree branch & its leaves by March 2017.
2) We have started covering CSR in industries and plan to cover one example in industry by March 2017. Of course, we have covered few industries and we may increase industries based on our research with stakeholders.

How to surf CSRidentity.com
Do use dropdowns to surf the interviews, governments, media, NGOs/NPOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists. You can surf how celebrities promote issues or do campaigns for them so that millions who follow them understand the social & developmental issues. You can see the offline (as of now India) & online (200+ countries in ths world) services we provide.

How to benefit from CSRidentity.com
Share your programmes, initiatives like capacity building, training, seminars, conferences, awards you give on the social, developmental sector as well as CSR issues, your career opportunities, your funding proposals (We have started a new section on Funding Proposal by all stakeholders. We plan 5000 proposals in 2015-16). Sharing this with us is free but funds are required for travel, interviews (excperts, communities), sending mails to millions of individuals, infrastructrue, technology, global promotion. So we offer access to what is shared with us for a nominal content membership fee which if compared to benefits is absolutely minimal. We do not take philanthropic funding for us because citizens & nature in the world needs this funding. Our content membership is our sustainability tool.
So share your programmes with Sanjay@CSRidentity.com

We are a social enterprise and that is why we are CSRidentity.com
CSR is Conscience, Sustainability, Reputation.
Identity is self, cultural, national, global & universal identity.
We are a social enterprise.

CSR for not just for corporates but for all individuals and institutions
Initially, we equated CSR as corporate social responsibility. But soon we realised that not just corporates but every stakeholder like governments, NGOs/NPOs, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities...and all individuals whether they are children, youth, women, men or senior citizens must be sustainable & more importantly reputed.
What is key is conscience of all the individuals and institutions.

Our present & future plans
From now to March 2018, we plan to cover 6000 Media, 300 000 NGOs, 10 000 corporates, 1 000 Funding agencies, 1000 Philanthropists, 50 CSR Consultants, 50 Developmental Consultants, 50 Researchers, 2000 Helplines, 500 Business Associations, 50 Developmental associations, 2000 Ad agencies, 1500 PR Agencies, 200 sports clubs, 1000 Social Work Institutes, 1000 MBA Institutes, Legal Institutes, Medical Institutes, 200 Award Giving Institutes, 300 Film producers / directors, 200 Film writers, 6000 Famous celebrities (1000 Developmental celebrities).

We plan to interview 5000 experts, consultants, researchers & field workers from all stakeholder groups like governmens, NGOs, donors.

Social work institutes is ok but why legal, MBA & medical institutes?
Everyone expects social work institutes coverage from us.

We want new MBA students to know how they have to be positive in business processes, people & planet policies.... so we cover MBA institutes.

We know law is a profession but we plan to share lawyers which work for the senior citizens, disabled, poor, women, HIV citizens and others and the best way is to share this with future lawyers..

Finally (and infact it is the first, last and future step of humans), we cover medical institutes because we want to share with the world that "Health is wealth".

We plan to share the programmes of all stakeholders like government, NGOs/NPOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists....and also researchers, consultants, celebrities, ad agencies, PR agencies which cover these issues either as donor or researcher / consultant or as campaigners.


Why Identity and why .com
Identity plays a significant role in the way an organization presents itself to both internal and external stakeholders and it is important that the identity of every stakeholder is taken care of. We are a social enterprise and that's why .com

CSRidentity.com covers many issues & stakeholders.. some of these are
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CSRidentity.com is not even counted as a drop of water in an ocean. But 7.4 billion plus humans will surely make a difference. See sustainable development goals of UN. We value Bill & Melinda Gates more for their work together to expand opportunity to world's most disadvantaged people.
Go to Giving pledge.
Jordan Spieth is an ace player in Golf. But sports is not the only thing in his life. Ellie, Jordanís younger sister with special needs, is his constant source of support and grounding. CSRidentity.com through Developed Nation Network Trust has started developing Kokanipada (forest area in Thane) which has adivasi (tribal) citizens. It is our sample of universal development. Yes, do take care of your own sustainability but think about the sustainability of this world and this universe.
Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.