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We know that each one of us is born in a country and with a specific religion.
For us, Truth is the only religion.
Truth is an integral part of humanity, good humanity
And this is not about we as a social enterprise but even our cofounder Sanjay Bapat has the same feelings.

This is just one example (there can be many examples).
Do any patient (or if the patient is in unconscious state then relatives), think that they should go to a doctor of their religion ?
They think that the doctor has be a specialist in the field of disease / accident or an experienced doctor in the field of disease / accident.
Because of their location, they may think the best available doctor in that location or because of their financial condition, they may think the affordable doctor.... so while treating or counselling medical profession or service to be offered to the patient one doesnt (or rarely think, yes in some cases they think religion comes first but we feel while mentally one might think religion comes first, incase of a physical medical operation or in case of accident, one should not think of religion) of the doctor's religion.

Just ask one simple question : In case of accident do we ask the doctor her / his religion or do we take the patient to the nearest / best hospital ?
If the accident happens when the patient is alone, do the people who take her / him to hospital, check the religion of the patient or the doctor ?




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