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Is CSRidentity.com a personal portal of Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat ?

If you think that this world & universe is founder's family then you are right.
Its a personal portal.

But if you think CSRidentity.com is only a portal of parents and 4 members of founder's family, then we must say that you are wrong.
We cover all the countries, SARs, Islands, Territories in the world plus oceans, contients, sun, moon, world & universe.
And within earth, we cover not just humans bit animals, wild animals, marine animals ...
And again, within earth, we have provisions to cover all governments (at national. state., county, district, village level), NGOs, Corporates, Funding agencies, Philanthropists, Rivers, Doctors, Hospitals, Film celebrities, Sports celebrities, volunteers, donors, and most importantly media and common greats celebrities who fight for diseases with far greater WILL pwer than millions of us.
So its not a personal portal.

Now imagine following.
A doctor who is about to start heart surgery, thinks patient first & must get involved in patient (Not emotional but medical involvement till the person is in hospital)
Patient becomes GOD of the doctor and not a medical patient. In simple words, one is happy to service GOD, so doctor should be happy to service a patiet.
If you want to see names of corporates in your country, then go to corporate folder which shares names of corporates countrywise.
Same with NGOs, governments, Media, funding agencies, philanthropists, colleges, clubs, celebrities, hospitals ...

So whether you are right and wrong depends on how you look at CSRidentity.com

Just for your information
You will see that all the countries, and in case of India, all the states, UTs, districts are sponsored in memory of Bhau
, who was the first person on earth who started saving the founder from an almost fatal accident in 28.08.2013. Of course we say first person on earth because immediately, doctors, hospital, staff of hospital, Mastek Foundation, Adfactors PR, Venkat Krishnan, Bacchal, a philanthropist who doesnt want to be named, friends, school mates Gadiyar, Bhagwat, colleges mates Sunil, Anil, Aum (son of founder) who was a 11th standard student and his first son (plus more important person in founder's life) Rohan, who has sensory integration challenge, founder's wife, her friends ... all came to save founder and his social enterprise. And of course, it will be incomplete if we dont say people from Glenmark, HSBC and Hindustan Unilever Ltd. besides many ...

So we say they were responsible for helping founder and his family serve YOU.
And YOU means people across the world because our canvas has increased from Thane & India to this world & universe.

And do we need you to support our focus on helping all governments, for profits, not for profits ... across the world ?
We will treat you as sponsors of information and data across the world.
Because of your help, we can share millions of names with due links free for any visitor from any country.

The portal is not named after the founder or Bhau because Bhau and Aai (Founder's parents) had always imbibed in founder that anyone is just of the billions of people living on earth. And founder after his almost fatal accident is clear that everyone has expiry date, so what you do when you are on earth is more important. And making money is good but we are not robots who mint money. We are people, given birth by the people (parents), for the people and for the nature.
We read that in 1384, John Wycliffe wrote in the prologue to his translation of the Bible, “The Bible is for the Government of the People, by the People, and for the People”
We just add nature and delete of the people because we are talking about individual (Who is by the people - parents, and for the people - you)


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