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Our uniqueness

CSRidentity.com has social and health issue folders for its global example India where
On the index page of each social issue, we plan to do research of funding agencies and will share some 100 NGOs in India free and with their name, there is a link to their website, so that one can go to relevant site for looking at their funding pattern, various programmes, location, contact details, management, board.. and to brand India as a country which takes care of other countries, we plan to share 2 NGOs in each country, SAR and if possible few islands, territories

On the index page of each health issue, we plan to invite respected doctors and foreign embassies to share total 100 doctors & hospitals in India, 194 doctors & hospitals in countries other than India (193 UN member countries + 2 SARs = 195 less India which is a UN member country because we are covering India on a large scale which means 195 - 1 = 194)

If there are NGOs, funding agencies, corporates, doctors, hospitals ... which work in any district of India, then we will share them districtwise in related issue, health fora and in case of countries, in related countries, SARs, Islands, Territories

Each country folder covers not just various social & health issues but various stakeholders like government, government schemes, corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, media, 46 types of celebrities, doctors, hospitals, blood banks, rivers, scientists, teachers, parents, religious locations, historical locations, tourism places to visit, experiential tourism, foreign embassies, UN, UNDP, WHO, World Bank, political parties, police headquarters, ASHOKA ...of course this is when the related organisation is present

We are also trying to get some names of CSR professionals, corp com pros, PR pros, journalists, CAs and again its free to all visitors.

What does CSRidentity.com stands for, who we cover, where we invest time & money and why it is a global site ?
CSR stands for conscience, sustainability & reputation and not just corporate social responsibility. Identity is self, cultural, national, global & universal identity.
So we cover all key stakeholders like governments, NGOs/NPOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, media, consultants, researchers, celebrities, ad agencies, PR agencies.....We invest time & money in countrywise & issuewise research, local & global partnership, sharing statistical data, knowledge and travel.
We were helping communities in India. The almost fatal accident made us realise that we must promote the good work institutions are doing across the world.
Do replicate, scaleup or modify them based on community needs.

The way we work
Social & health issue forum for each issue, research, managing empoyee volunteering, country forum for each country, island, SAR, district forum, consulting, identifyingissues or NGOs or corporates or funding agencies ... , building or enhancing your image at district level, country level or at global level (in all countries) and other services increases our sustainability & reputation to share knowledge and promote the goodness of individuals and institutions across the universe.

We are not a funding agency but plan to be a funding agency for development of Thane district of India as a small example.

Why promote others
We have started and plan to indirectly share thousands of funding proposals of other stakeholders by March 2020. Indirect means, we are sharing the official websites of NGOs which need funding, same with corporates, funding agencies ....

For our own sustainability & to fund institutions across the world in partnershing with agencies across the world, we need funds.

Many think that why we promote the so called competition (?).
We think that each of us has only one life and the world challenges are too large. For a social enterprise even think of competition is myopic and selfish thinking.
But we are a registered company, so if we can then we need to make profits and profits are used for our research, sustainability, future .... so our editorial has decided that anything in India and out of India will be shared free but with a condition that we cant promote competition as a company. As individual, our founder will say good about competing companies and will not say bad because we do not know why the so called competitor has taken a decision or stance which may look not good.

We are not just a for profit company, but a social enterprise and our founder who almost had a fatal accident on 28.08.2013, thinks that there is no competition for universal development, infact each person on this earth should do at least something which helps universal development.

Yes, there certainly is moral binding (legal binding is different in different countries) and if anyone has a bad moral view, then she or he or any institution, can never be considered as a compteing player (again competition word) because their purpose of life is different.



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