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Human Rights

Every single individual in this world has a right to decide
1) What she / he wishes and if it is a registered WILL with government office, it has to be accepted because registered WILL is only accepted of a medically fit person (If anyone has objection, then, it should be with government bodies who accepted the registered WILL)
2) What she or he should do of her / his self earned money
3) Give her or his movable and immovable property to her / his daughter / son / political party / nation / anyone else
4) Dream anything legal like a dream stock exchange (Yes, a differently abled person who cant walk can also dream of winning marathon, because it is her / his dream. Whether it can be satisfied or not is not at all an issue here. Of course it is good to dream something which is possible to ahieve, not something impossible. e.g. it is good if a terminally ill patient at 16 years - when doctors say that it is just a few days for her / him to live - dreams of her / his 100th birthday in real life. Its a dream which keeps her / him alive for remaining days. And this is despite of the fact that in such cases even she / he cant see 17th birthday in real life according to the doctors who see her / him). So dream BIG.

No one has the right to object a decision taken by a person who is medically fit (mentally & physically fit) on her / his self earned money or property after her / his death. If someone objects, then the court should dismiss the case because it is waste of time of the world.
The money one invests in court fees (and its large sum for a poor or middle class person) can be invested as a small step in making this world a better place. Remember, there is steps one takes to climb a building or hill. And yes, even if its a life, a person takes steps to go to the lift (in case if someone is on wheel chair, the assistant takes steps to move the wheel chair or if it is automatic wheel chair, then the wheel chair takes steps to move - of course these as wheel steps)

Of course one has legal right to not visit her / his father (grand father , father in law, close relative, close friend ...) who has just few days or few hours left in this world. It is legal right to decide whether to see one's father or grand father or father in law in hearse or in the crematorium.

But whether such inhuman steps are ethical is a big question. When someone who is dead is taken in a hearse and people crossing the road even dont know whether that person is a child or youth or senior citizen or differently abled indirectly feels that it is not good. If that is human nature, then not even seeing your father or grand father or father in law ... or your daughter's father in law ... when the person is about to be taken to crematorium ... is human nature or not human nature is a simple question to most of the people on earth. It is not human is their answer without wasting even a second. But there exist people who do this and they are born as humans but we think they have no human spirit to do such basic act of humanity.

Doing this when the concerned person is your sister or brother or anybody is not at all human. And remember, all humans came to earth because they were gifted to earth by their parents, so doing this to one of your parent is not at all human. Yes, someone who has big ego doesnt allow the ego to interfere is such things but if people have so big ego that this ego dictates them, it is sad for humanity that such humans live on earth.

Law in democratic world of course permits one to decide what she / he who is medically fit to decide on what to do, whether it is ethical or human is what related organisations can decide.
But the final thing is TRUTH. You can do what you want, but TRUTH will always be truth, whether you are egoistic or simple, truth will decide.

So in a democratic country, it is human right of a medically fit person to decide what to do about her / his self earned money or house or land after her / his death.
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