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Expiry date (Most of us dont want to die but let us be clear of the fact that we all have expiry dates like products)

Earlier, even DEATH word was very scary.
So much so, that we did not like any close relative dying.

But after 28.08.2013 when our founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat survived an almost fatal accident, he realised that death is the final destination and every individual whether one is below the poverty line or wealthist person on earth, whether one is great doctor or great scientist or PM, President or well known celebrity ... no one can escape death. It is full stop of our life, not a comma, which Sanjay experienced on 28.08.2013.

Now, there is nothing scary about the word DEATH.
Infact, Sanjay believes that every second is bonus.
Before 28.08.2013, he never thought of earning lot of money.
After 28.08.2013, he has reconfirmed this thought because he knows no body takes any money, house, property, diamonds, jewellary with her / him when they die.
But he also thinks that he should earn lot of money because with money he can service people he dont see (e.g. People on deep forest or people in Africa, infact billions of people within and outside Thane or India.).

Every individual must earn income because without that the world will be a dangerous place to live & even leave.

We know that individuals will expire but there are institutions which have a greater life than the founder (e.g. see Tata Group - the founder has left the world but the group is helping others like its employees, customers, shareholders and more importantly social issues in India and in other countries)

When you expire, you must do something good for the world and in case of most of humans, do something good for your feiends, relatives, climate ....

But there are other greats. e.g. People who made countries independent do not have eternal life but people remember them. Same with scientists. Dont we remember Albert Einstein or Issac Newton ... But do we remember people who are social workers or founders of NGOs or corporates or funding agencies ... say 28 years after they leave this world. Hardly any. Can you share 5 great volunteers (not blood relatives) or 5 people who have donated body or 5 who have donated eyes or 5 founders of funding agencies or 5 founders of media organisations.....

Do something so good that people dont want you to expire faster, and they will do many things to ensure that your expiry date is yet to come.

Some people including your blood relatives think that its very good for them that you die, infact they want you to expire faster, so that their greeds or whatever illegal things they do, are hidden. But you cant change their thinking because it is wastage of your time & money. Law will take care of such inhumans.

Final word : Expiry date, every living beings and things have it. Even trees.


No one likes self Expiry Date.
Yes, they are keen to know expiry dates of medicines which take care of their life.
Dont ever mention "my expiry date" is what most of the people think.

Also no one likes to call life a product.
Like every product has expiry date, every life has expiry date.
Like every product is manufactured for the benefit or use of clients (direct use or indirect use), LIFE must be used for the benefit of an audience. It will be dear ones (and this must include all people & climate and not just relatives & friends)..

Lets be clear that LIFE is a product given to all of us by our parents.

In everyone's life there is 'Profit & Loss'.
Lets just talk of PROFIT.
Infact make LIFE a PROFIT for all.
Yes, do share this profit & loss with family, friends but never ever forget to share PROFIT with others. India has 2% CSR rule.
There is no rule for all humans anywhere in the world to donate, but some NGOs make donation compulsory before they admit people within them. If they do so, is it absolutely wrong and they must be legally punished. They must say give charges and they must pay taxes. Donation should not be seen and used only as a tax saving excercise.

Give at least share 2% of life for Below the Poverty Line people & climate either through donation or volunteering..

Instead of the founder taking care of Bhau who was his father (who was senior by age, thinking & experience) , Bhau took care of our founder on & after 28.08.2013.
has expired & left this earth on 9.2.2015,
so the people responsible for the accident may feel that now there is nobody who will take care of founder.

But founder is not worried about this because Bhau
has given so clear thoughts as an invaluable gift (And this thought gift doesnt need any individuals or organisations permission is what we all know).

Friends, police in Thane, political leaders know the happenings on 28.08.2013 and will take care of our founder and if they are not present when the death appears (which means they cant take care of his life), they will ensure that the humans who did this, suffer.
Of course some are just born as humans and have forgotten basic human behaviour.

Our founder doesnot want anyone to behave illegaly and he is sure that more than killing someone, the culprits should suffer everyday.

Our founder thinks everyone has expiry date and his date was not 28.08.2013. It was a comma, a comma to think that death is certain, so do good. Again thanks to Bhau and he survives for the benefit of you, all living beings and not living things.

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.