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Is our founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat worried about Death ? NO is the simple but big answer.

Every individual on earth has expiry date. Dont get scary of the word DEATH. These are 5 words which are like 5 fingers on your hand. Every one has death. Some loose their fingers in accident or for any other reason. So some greats die much much earlier in life. And we see millions of child deaths in this world.

Bhau took care of our founder at the time of an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013.
expired & left this earth on 9.2.2015,
so the people responsible for the accident may feel that now there is nobody who will take care of founder.

Friends, police in Thane, Maharashtra, political leaders, 3 MPs, Collectors, some Indian corporates, some MNCs, philanthropists, greats like Venkat know the accident happenings on 28.08.2013 and they can either take care of founders life or continue helping India which is an integral part of the world.

Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat always believe that the law of India is good but never realised that the implementation of law take soooooooooooo much time. He is of the firm opinion that law will take care of truth (yes, however mentally or financially corrupt people behave, truth is truth). Law will punish the guilty and expose their untrue behaviour.

Of course some are just born as humans, they have no emotions.
Or remember what they did, but dont say it because they think LAW will take care of them.
But that thinking is negative thinking and against moral, ethical as well as legal angle.

Some know what happened on 11th July 2013
(when lawyer said about Raktapaat - Blood bath), but they do not say it to the world thinking that what is the proof ... of course there is an email and one can go to email companies to check the dates, even if someone who received that he has received the email, the email company will share the truth.

Or what someone who stays nearby said about police & lawyers on mobile phone of founder (Mobile company knows the founder but they have privacy issues and cant share the person without actual death)

or some has so much ego, attitude, greed that they dont take care of father, grand father or father in law .... which means their attitude overtakes basic human values ...
or great human beings who have done so much for natives but they did something so wrong that they now cant do anything about it ... they can only repend what they did ... and yes, even if they admit it, they cant do anything ... they can only remember and repend till they are physically alive on this earth. This wrong thing may be because they by mistake had to listen to their
daughter, sister ....

Our founder is not afraid about death.
He knows
everyone has expiry date.
His expiry date was not 28.08.2013 because he has to do something more for the world & universe.
Bhau extended that date & time
Today, he thinks he has sort of bonus life and he survives for the benefit of you, all living beings and not living things.

Read what Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple said about death
No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it, and that is how it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It's life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.”

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