Zunheboto District index

Official Website : http://zunheboto.nic.in

Headquarters : Zunheboto
State : Nagaland

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 1255
Rural : 1239
Urban : 16

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 140757
Rural : 113160
Urban : 27597
Male : 71217
Female : 69540
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 976
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 112

Helplines :
Child Helpline : 1098
Women Helpline : 181
Police Helpline : 100
Fire Emergency : 101
State Emergency Operating Centre : 1070

Population (Census 2010) : The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

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Brief About Zunheboto District


Zunheboto is the home of the Semas. They are famous for their colourful war dances and folk songs. Sumis in general in those days had so many traditional festivals in sequence of seasons of the year. Even these days, two main festivals, Tulunih and Ahunah are celebrated with gaity and grandeour by young and old.


Satoi and Asuto area are considered as less developed area of the district. The villageslike Hokiye,Ikiye, Itovi,and Shishimi are not yet connected even by jeepable road. Under Asuto area, there are still some villages like Yeshito, Yevishe, Kathara, Akhakhu,

The Zunheboto Town Planning office was established in the year 1986 headed by Assisttant Town Planner.

The basic function of the office:-
1. Preparation and implementation of master plan of Zunheboto Town.

2. Preparation of different developmental plan viz. preparation of integrated development of small and medium towns. Preparation of reports of town protection works, preparation of urban strategy paper of Zunheboto town, prearation of structural plan of Zunheboto town etc.

Activities from 1986 to July 2000:-
In the year 1983, the department created own Engineering wing within the parameters of the Town planning Act 1966, and to implement the programmes of the department. The Engineering wing is headed by Executive Engineer looking all Districts. The Engg. wing is attached to the Chief Town Planner, Kohima. The following major schemes were taken up :-

1. Town and Regional planning.
2. Integrated development of small and medium town (IDSMT),(CSS).
3. Town protection works.
4. Town planning schemes.
5. Other building.
6. Development of Administrative headquarters.
7. Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rojgar Yozna (SJSRY).

The scheme wise achievement on the above programmes:-

1. Town planning and Regional planning:-

a) The department opened unit office at Zunheboto in 1986 with regular employed numbering 8.
b) Master plan of Zunheboto town was prepared and submitted to the Government.
c) Project report of integrated development of small and medium town in respect of Zunheboto Town was prepared in 1991 - 92.
d) Project report of town protection works was prepared during 94-95 for 5 years and submitted to state government.
e) A comprehensive report on urban development for Zunheboto was prepared in 1995 - 96 for 6 years and submitted to the state government for funding
f) Uraban strategy report of Zunheboto town was prepared and submitted to Head office for onward submission to the central government.
g) Preparation of structural plan of Zunheboto town has been completed and under submission.

2. Intergrated development of small and medium town:-

Construction of double storied Zunheboto Market complex was completed under this scheme at the cost of Rs.55 lakh.

Transportation Zunheboto
Mokokchung - 70kms Bus and Taxi Service available Zunheboto- Akuluto - 42kms Bus and Taxi Service available Zunheboto-Aghunato - 45kms Bus and Taxi Service available Zunheboto-Satakha - 20kms Bus and Taxi Service available Zunheboto-Suruhuto - 28kms Bus and Taxi Service available Zunheboto-Pughoboto via Kohima - 214kms Bus and Taxi Service available Zunheboto-Dimapur - 224kms Bus and Taxi Service available Zunheboto-V.K. - Bus and Taxi Service available

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