Vaishali District index

Official Website : http://vaishali.bih.nic.in

Headquarters : Hajipur
State : Bihar

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 2036
Rural : 1998.48
Urban : 37.52

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 3495021
Rural : 3261942
Urban : 233079
Male : 1844535
Female : 1650486
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 895
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 1717

Helplines :
Police : 100
Fire : 101
Ambulance : 102
Traffic Police : 103
CM Helpline : 1076
Anti Corruption Helpline : 1031
Emergency Relief Centre on National Highways : 1033
State level helpline for Health : 104
Hospital On Wheels : 104
Anti-poison : 1066
Central Relief Commissioner for Natural Calamities : 1070
Relief Commissioners of Central/State/Union territory : 1070
Air Accident : 1071
Train accident : 1072
Road Accident : 1073
Traffic Help Line : 1073
Control room of District Collector/Magistrate : 1077
Disaster management : 108
Anti terror Helpline/Alert All India : 1090
Women in Distress : 1091
Earth-quake Help line service : 1092
Natural disaster control room : 1096
AIDS helpline : 1097
AIDS help line service : 1097
Child abuse hotline : 1098
Central Accident and Trauma Services : 1099
Catastrophe & Trauma service : 1099
General emergency Department of Telecommunications (DoT) : 112
All in one Emergency Number : 112
LIC Of India : 1251
Public Grievance Cell Telecom Circle HQs : 12727
Indian Railway General Enquiry : 1320, 131, 1321
For any theft or harassment, nuisance caused due to smoking or alcohol consumption on train : 1322
Indian Railway Security Helpline : 1322
Railway Helpline for Arrival/Departure and Reservation services : 133
Railway Enquiry : 139
Indian Airlines : 1407
Air India ( Confirmation / Cancellation Enquiry)(Called Party) : 1414
for any queries related to landline telephone, ISDN etc. Also accessible from CellOne, Excel & Tarang phones : 1500
Railway : 1512
Kisan Call Center : 1551
Military Police Help Line : 155200
Indian Oil Help Line : 155233
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) : 155255 / 1800 4254732
Water Board : 155313
Electricity Complaints : 155333
Trunk booking : 1580
Trunk assistance : 1581
STD complaints : 1582
National Directory Enquiry (NDQ) Service : 1583
International trunk booking : 1586
International trunk enquiry : 1587
International Trunk delay information : 1588
Telex complaints : 1589
Free Phone Enquiry : 1600
India Telephone Card Enquiry : 1602
Billing complaint center : 166 / 1660-69
Billing Complaint Center : 1671-73
Weather Enquiry : 1717
Maritime Search and Rescue control room of coastal guard : 1718
Drug de-addiction : 1800-11-0031
National Consumer Helpline : 1800-11-4000
MyGov Toll Free Number for MannKiBaat for ideas and suggestions : 1800-11-7800
IRCTC Help Line : 1800-111-139
National Health Helpline : 1800-180-1104
Anti Ragging-Emails at helpline[at]antiragging.in : 1800-180-5522
Mann Ki Baat on the toll-free number : 1800-3000-780
Domestic abuse and sexual violence-Women’s Helpline : 181
Indian Army Help Line : 1904
LPG emergency helpline number : 1906
Blood bank Information : 1910
Dial a doctor : 1911
Tourist Office (Govt.of India) : 1913
Water Supply Complain : 1916
Leased Circuits Fault Booking : 1918
Eye Donation : 1919
Eye bank information service : 1919
Aadhar Card-UIDAI (Unique idenditification authority of india),1800-180-1947 : 1947
Election Commission of India : 1950
Change number announcement (Hindi) : 1951
Changed number announcement (English) : 1952
Changed number announcement (Regional language) : 1953
Changed number announcement (in case of shift) : 1954
Sancharnet Internet Help desk service : 1957
Leased Circuit Fault Booking (WTR) : 1958
Aaykar Sampark Kendra (ASK) : 1961
Directory enquiry service : 197
Telephone Complaint Booking : 198

Population (Census 2010) : The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

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Brief About Vaishali District
Vaishali  History
Bihar is a land of paradoxes with immense tolerance for incompatibles. It remains poised in the midst of inconsistencies. Its resilience permits drift to extend indefinitely.

Bihar is thus at a critical historical juncture. It today’s is like the proverbial coin standing on the edge, whose two sides represent diametrically opposite possibilities.

Contrary to popular belief, Bihar

has been known for good administration. In fact the state has always been proud of its administrative talents. The Mauryas, the Lichchavis and Shershah Suri are widely acclaimed for their good administrations. Many features of their administration are retained even today despite changes in legal, social and political situations

Almost judged on any parameter of economic or social backwardness

Bihar is placed at the bottom of the ladder. It is economically the poorest, social the most backward, and what is worse, one whose polity and society are most divided. But even at the risk of sounding simplistic, it seems safe to say that Bihar’s problems are essentially economic in nature. Structure and economical forces have played a crucial role in the above, the most glaring example is the lack of implementation of land reforms and reforms and also the pattern and level of investment during the initial years of planning have played an important role in the slow rate growth of the economy

Historical Importance

The district of Vaishali came in to existence on 12/10/1972 Earlier it was the part of old Muzzafarpur district. Vaishali has a past that pre-dates recorded history. It is held that the town derives its name from King whose heroic deeds are narrated in the Hindu epic Ramayana. However, history records that around the time Pataliputra< was the centre of political activity in the Gangetic plains, Vaishali came into existence as centre of the Ganga, it was the seat of the Republic> of Vaishali is credited with being the World's Republic to have a duly elected assembly of representatives and efficient administration. The Lord Buddha visited Vaishali more than once during his lifetime and announced his approaching to the great followers he had here. Five years after the Enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, Lord Buddha came to , the capital of one the first republican states in the Vaishaliis bound by the hills of Nepal on the north and the river Gandak on the west. Hundred years after he attained Mahaparinirvana it was the venue of the second Buddhist Council. According to one belief, the Jain Tirthankar, Lord Mahavir was born at Vaishali. The Chinese travelers Fa-Hien and s respectively and wrote about Vaishali.

The Lichchavi nobility came to receive the Enlightened One with a cavalcade of elephants and chariots bedecked with gold. As the Lord set foot on the soil of Vaishali, lightning and thunder followed by a heavy downpour purged the plague-infected city. The Buddha preached the Ratna Sutra to those assembled, and eighty-four thousand people embraced the new faith. It was also at that Amrapali, the famous courtesan, earned the respect of theSangha and a place in history, with her generous donations. The neighbouring village of Amvara is said to be the site of Amrapali's> mango grove. Once when the Lord was visiting Vaishali, invited him to her house and the Lord graciously accepted the offer. An overjoyed Amrapali, returning on her chariot, raised a cloud of dust. The Lichchavi princes going to meet the Buddha got enveloped in the dust and learnt of the Buddha's forthcoming visit to her house. The Lichchavi princes wanted to exchangeAmrapali's for one hundred thousand gold coins. steadfastly refused their offer and after the Buddha's visit to her house she was purged of all impurities. She gifted her mango grove to the <Sangha. joined the order after the transitory nature of all things, including beauty.

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