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About the Umaria district

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Brief About Umaria District
Umaria district is located to the North East of Madhya Pradesh. Mathematically the coordinates of the District extend from 23o38' to 24o20' North and 80o28' to 82o12' East. It has geographical area of 4548 sq.km. The greatest length of the district is about 150 km. from north to south and the greatest width is about 60km from east to west. The population of the district on the basis of 1991 census is 420815. Out of which about 83% population resides in rural areas. The district has extensive forests. About 42% of the total area is covered by forests only. The District is rich in minerals. The most important mineral found in the district is coal and as a result 8 mines are being operated by South Eastern Coalfield Limited in the district. The famous Bandhavgarh National Park (Tala) and Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station Mangthar (Pali) are located in the district. Umaria was formerly the headquarters of the South Rewa District and thereafter the headquarters town of the Bandhavgarh tehsil. It is situated at a distance of about 69 Km. from Shahdol, the parent district. Metalled roads connect the town with Katni, Rewa Shahdol etc., on which regular buses ply. Umaria is also a railway station on the Katni-Bilaspur section of the South-Eastern Railway.

Geographical locattion :
Longitude 23o38' to 24o02'
North Height 80o28' to 82o12
South Latitude 489 Meters. (from Sea-level )

Boundries :
East : Shahdol
West : Katni
North : Satna & Rewa
South :Dindori

Weather :
Average Rainfall : 1093 m.m.
Average Max.: Temperature 46.2 oC
Average Min.: Temperature 1.8 oC

Land Utilisation:
Total Area : 4548 Sq. km.
Forest Area : 2372.35
Hectare Single cropped area : 112053
Hectare Double cropped area : 29779 Hectare

Main Crops :
Kharif : Paddy Maize,Kodon, Jowar
Rabi : Wheat, Gram, Rape, Mustard
Minerals : Coal and Fire Clay.
Forest : Teak, Tendu, Mahua, Harra