Ukhrul District index

Official Website : http://ukhrul.nic.in

Headquarters : Ukhrul
State : Manipur

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 4544
Rural : 4544
Urban : 0

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 183998
Rural : 156811
Urban : 27187
Male : 94718
Female : 89280
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 943
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 40

Helplines :
Ukhrul Police : 8730090890
Ukhrul Fire Service : 8415925205
Child Helpline : 1091
Women Helpline : 1090

Population (Census 2010) : The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

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Brief About Ukhrul District
Ukhrul District, the land of the colourful Tangkhuls was marked out first a a Sub-Division in 1919 during the British Raj. Then in November 1969 it was upgraded to a full-fledged district, bearing the nomenclature of Manipur East District. The area of the district was 8,200 Sq.Km. according to the CSI Publication 1976. Later Tengnoupal District, now called Chandel District was carved out from this district on 15th July, 1983 and the area of the then Manipur East District was sliced down to 4,544 Sq.Km. and the title of the district was changed into Ukhrul District in 1983. Ukhrul is the District HQ. which, now, is extended down to Hundung.

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