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About the Sonbhadra district
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Brief About Sonbhadra District
Mountains covered with garlands and forests and natural wealth of the rich Mirzapur Dkshinancl 04 March 1989, the newly created split of Sonbhadra district. This new district in the south of the state of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Palamau sarguja and direct east-west and north Madhya Pradesh Rewa is bounded by Mirzapur. Religious and cultural approach based on the Ramayana and Mahabharata found evidence Huyen cultural symbol is found here. In Mahabharata war was kept prisoner here Jrasndh many rulers. In the third century the capital of the kings of Dynasty Wakatk Kntit Kantipuri Nagvanshiy and is dominated by the ninth century. Abhor dynasty kings and the powerful kings in the area of coal state. The district is located in Kashi Naresh agori fort fortification Gdnshah Vijaygdh Chait Singh and Sodhrigdh Garhwal was ruled by kings.
Its total geographical area is 7388.80 square km 23.52 and 25.32 and 82.72 and 83.33 Purvi North Akshnash is located in the heart of longitude. Ravartrsganj it administratively Tehsil and Block Duddhi and Goravl Ravtrsganj Ngwaँ Duddhi Goravl Bbni Chatra and Chopan is divided into Myorpur. The district headquarters is currently in Ravtrsganj. Similarly, in terms of land and natural texture can be divided into two sub-divisions.

Intermediate plateau

The Division is part of the region's Kaimur plateau Anrtgt of Prwk Vindhya mountain range that stretches Sonndi final frontier, more than 50 percent of the district is included. Located in Chatra Block Ravtrsganj Ngwaँ Goravl. Karmanasa and Chandraprabha joins many other small mountain river flowing Sonndi. This section of the Ganga valley from 400 feet to 1100 feet altitude.


Block and Tehsil Duddhi Duddhi Chopan Ravtrsganj Bbni Tehsil and Block Myorpur Dkshit of this sub-division is located in the area which is Sonndi. Singrauli Duddhi Son valley and its natural resources and fertile land is important to the valley.


It comes in the district Tndk thermal hot days the temperature range from about 10 degrees to 17.50 degrees and 21.50 degrees in summer is 40 degrees. While often playing in the month of June by 4.5 degrees and 3.5 degrees in January is coming.
winter warmth and rain are three ऋtuyen equal impact. Begins the second week of June, and nearly ends in the first week of September. Mainly comes from the Bay of Bengal monsoon year 80 percent and 20 percent in the remaining months are June to September.
perpetually plagued by drought in the district is the lack of water in summer - many people in several villages safe drinking fetch water from far away. Special texture of the ground situation in the Central Plateau and the ground water is getting very expensive and assiduous. Inadequacy of water in the southern part of the farm work is hard. So almost the entire district is dependent on rainfall.


Sonbhadra district, about 75 percent of the area is covered by mountains and forests, forest block is divided into the Obra and Renukut. Here amla berries Behera rosewood Mahua Neem Banyan and Pipal trees etc. multiplicity. Tendu leaf is made from forests that produce the highest smoke is created. Yew-wood charcoal from fuel wood, bamboo is sent to all districts. Ajivikoparjn of the population is a big community forests. Unemployment in the district to strengthen the economic condition of the district, in addition to the important role of forests.

Mineral wealth

Dkshinancl rich mountains of the district's land reserves in the womb contains many valuable mineral assets. Highly quality limestone is available in most parts of the district. Dolomite, Kailsaita, marble, Gurvt, Swesiv civil, Swesiv Waycla, Andalusaid Building Stone, ceramic, cast iron, mica, coal, uranium and has Magnit etc. and some other information about the research work is continued.


The district is only 2.5 percent of arable land, the rest is surrounded by forests and mountains. The clay loam, sandy and is Mtiar.