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About the Solapur district
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Brief About Solapur District

Solapur is a district in Maharashtra, India. It is an important railway junction on the North-South train line. Also famous for its bedsheets 'chaddars', Solapur has a good number of small and medium scale industries. Solapur is a leading center for cotton mills and power looms. Solapur bed-sheets have earned fame and reputation for their novel designs and durability. The chief deity of the city is Shri Siddeshwar. The "Nandidhwaj" procession on Makar Sankranti fare is attended by millions of devotees. The fare is a spectacular site. The presiding deity of Maharashtra, Lord Vitthal is at Pandharpur in this district. Swami Samarth of Akkalkot has followers from all walks of life. Solapur is famous as a textile town, especially owing to its talented weavers’ community. A melting pot with a confluence of Marathi, Telugu and Kannada languages, Solapur district leads in beedi production. Its great strides in the fields of education, literature and culture as well as rural prosperity brought in by the cooperation movement have made Solapur district an important segment of modern Maharashtra. The supreme sacrifice by the revolutionaries of Solapur has made it immortal. So much so that the Martyrs’ Memorial here is saluted daily by thousands of visitors. Kundalsangam, Karmala and Barshi have adopted the path of development through industry and education.

District - Solapur
Area - 14886 km²

Sub-divisions - Solapur, Madha (Kurduwadi), Pandharpur Talukas - North Solapur, Barshi, Akkalkot, South Solapur, Mohol,Mangalvedha, Pandharpur, Sangola, Malshiras, Karmala, Madha

Distance from Mumbai - 450 km
Means of transport -

Railway stations -Solapur, Mohol, Kurduwadi, Madha, Akkalkot

Road ST Buses, SMT (Solapur Municipal Transportation, Auto-Rikshaws. Solapur station has daily train service to Mumbai via Pune known as Siddheshwar Express Also, daily shuttle from Solapur to Pune known as Hutatma Express

Population Total-38,55,383 (District)

Literacy 71.60%
Area under irrigation - 4,839.15 km²

Irrigation projects Major-1 Medium-2 Minor-69 Imp. Projs.- Bhima Ujjani Industries Big-98 Small-8986

Languages/dialects - Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi Folk-Arts - Lavani, Gondhal, Dhangari,Aradhi and Bhalari songs


Max: 34.10 °C
Min: 21.7 °C

Rainfall- 759.80 mm (Average)