Skill Development

For any skill development effort to succeed, government efforts must be supported by markets and industry. All must play a large role in determining courses, curriculum and relevance. The need in every country is to improve resource utilisation and find solutions that can address the systemic and institutional bottlenecks constraining the sector.

India is our global example country and we share India's efforts on Skill development.
For efforts and programmes of stakeholders like government, NGOs, corporates, funding agencies .... we will share the details countrywise from June 07, 2017.

What is the Purpose of the Skill development forum
The purposes of skill development forum are
1) Share government's role in Skill developement
2) Programmes of corporates, NGOs (These programmes may be self funded or funded by others)
3) Interview professional in different countries to see the challenges they faced and the solutions they have arrived at (And yes, these can be replicated, modified, scaled up by others)

India is our global example country and we will share all the government & other stakeholders efforts to ensure that skill development really happens.

Skill in any field is many times valuable than great education in the field. Yes, an educated person can always be better in long term strategy or long term action plan but if she / he gets skill in strategy development, it is far better for development.

For Skill development, we cover not just the statistics or programmes in various countries but stress on the efforts in States / Union Territories / Districts of India.