Skill Development
Purpose of the forum
We want India to share as to how they are tackling the challenges of this issue with programmes (some can be replicable across the world or some can be scaled up depending the size of the community which needs it or some can be modified based on the needs & circumstances).

We will share individual pages for overall India, for each State / Union territory of India and all the districts of India with special focus on Thane district of India.

For any skill development effort to succeed, government efforts must be supported by markets and industry. All must play a large role in determining courses, curriculum and relevance. The need in every country is to improve resource utilisation and find solutions that can address the systemic and institutional bottlenecks constraining the sector.

Skill in any field is many times valuable than great education in the field. Yes, an educated person can always be better in long term strategy or long term action plan but if she / he gets skill in strategy development, it is far better for development.

Sharing knowledge free
Our research team is working to share the basics of the issue & subissues free.

Sharing programmes
Any NGO / NPO (not for profits) or any corporate, funding agency .. (for profit organisation) can share their 100 word programme free.
Developed Nation Network Trust, has taken care of the time, space & promotion charges to even share the name of the NGO sharing the programmes free because its a network with focus on sharing & promoting trusts across the country. (It has applied for FCRA and is looking at other requirements to donate to NGOs / NPOs in other countries).

The entire issue forum will be supported by corporate sector or organisations which will use the issue forum to brand themselves (its almost like a patent of global visibility for the organisation and they may not like the promote other brands - which means other entities - by sharing their name. So besides NGOs, we will not share the name of the corporates, funding agencies ... but will share their programme types because the idea is share the programme and not the brand or organisation which has this programme. (If a corporate or any institution wants to create or enhance the brand, they can do it in their country forum or may make it a global brand.

Funding proposals by governments (No fees)
Central government of India or governments of state / union territories or Thane local government can share 100 words funding proposal free. At the end of the proposal give contact address, phone number or email, so that donors can contact you directly.

Funding proposals by NGOs, corporates, funding agencies (Nominal fees)
It is myopic to think that only NGOs need funding.
Corporates, Funding agencies ... may have a clear policy to support one organisation for 3 years or can donate only some part of the project and need partners for additional part of the project or may decide to change the focus issue but their funds were used properly by the NGO and they can raise funds for the NGO. So funding can be raised by not for profit or for profit organisation.
CSRidentity.com needs 100 words of funding proposal. At the end of the proposal give contact address, phone number or email, so that donors can contact you directly.
To share your funding proposal, click here to read the details.

How to see the content of the issue
At the top is a dropdown which will share information on the issue or subissues and programmes within the State / UT of India and the programmes within the district and one can use it to see what he wants anytime.