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About the Simdega district
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Brief About Simdega District
Area : 3761 sq kms.

Simdega District is situated at the southern part of Jharkhand bordering the State of Orissa and to its left Chattisgarh State.
It lies 84.0 -86.0 E and 22.0 -23.0 N. It covers an area of 3761 sq kms.
It is a hilly and forested area with many streams cutting through it, and a huge river, Sankh, meandering in the West and flowing down the South.

There are no good roads, though pliable throughout the year and interlinking most of the small townships and large villages.

Communication and traveling is extremely difficult and strenous.

State of Jharkhand in the millenium year on 15 Nov. 2000, separeted from the prevoiuos State of Bihar.

Jharkhand is the 28th State of India, Earlier this area was called Chotanagpur.

At the time of the creation of Jharkhand there were 18 Districts, and Simdega formed a Subdivision of Gumla District. On 30 April Simdega Subdivision became the 21st District of the present 22 Districts of Jharkhand.

According to the census 2001 the population of Simdega District is 511,919. The 72% of the population is of the tribals, the kharias, the Mundas and the Oraons, who have rich cultural heritage. The rest are Hindus and Muslims.