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About the Sidhi district
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Brief About Sidhi District
Sidhi District is a reflection of proud history of the state of Madhaya Pradesh. it makes the North-eastern boundary of the state. Sidhi district is a repository of natural. historical and cultural history. This district is Known for luxuriant natural resourees with the river Sone draining the district. Singhrauli is a major sourceo natural resources like coal wich fed the major mdustries all over the country. The Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Station has a wide coverage for electricty supply. On one side the spectrum of its pluristic socio-cultural diversity and ethnic history of tribal, the district has a panoramic view of the Kaimur, Kehejua and Ranimunda hills blazing with flowers of flame of forest and intoxicated by the sweet smell of mahua flowers.

Population a.Tribal Population

1831152 (2001) 547375 (2001)

Geographical Area :10536 Sq.Km.
Sex Ratio : 923
Village Panchayat : 717
Total Village : 1908
Rehabilitated Village :1822
Female Literacy 56(2000)

On the Northern boundary of the district lies Mirjapur district of Uttar Pradesh: sarguja school in south; Rewa on the west and touches sonebhadra district of Uttar Pradesh: Stratified Random Sample pradesh.

Geographic Background
Sidhi district is located on the Northeastern Boundary of the state between 22'',47''5'' and 24.42''10'' North Latitude and 81:18''40 and 82''48''30 East longitude Sidhi District is one of the Six district of Rewa Division in Madhaya Pradesh. Sidhi is also known as the Northeastern frontier of the state. Sidhi district is situated approximately 632 km from the state capital Bhopal and 80 km from Divisional Head Office. The district stretched between 155 km from East to West and 95 km from North to South. The total geographic area covers 10,532 sq. Km.