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About the Sangli district

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Brief About Sangli District

Sangli is a town in the southern part of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the largest and most important trading centre for turmeric in Asia. Sangli is in the region known as India's 'Sugar Belt'. This region houses over thirty large sugar factories, and is the largest sugar-producing district in India. Its market in oilseeds, commodities and fruit is one of the most important in the country. Sangli is among the largest grape-growing districts in India, and houses a large wholesale grape market. A grape wine park of over 1.42 square kilometres has been established at Palus, 30 km from Sangli city. Another large food park, the 300-acre (1.2 km²) Sangli Food Park, is under construction at Alkud Mane-Rajuri. The industrial town of Kirloskarwadi is also located in the Sangli district. Industrialist Shantanu Laxmanrao Kirloskar started his first factory here. Kirloskarwadi is said to be one of the most beautiful industrial towns in India.


Sangli lies on the east of the Krishna River, with the Yerala River to its North. The Sangli region, known as Kundal in mediaeval India, was once the capital of the Chalukya kingdom. Also known as Natyapandhari, the birthplace of Marathi drama, Sangli has a rich cultural heritage. Sangli, known as the ‘City of Six Lanes’, now has a large number of broad and well-planned roads. Sangli has a historical Ganpati temple which attracts devotees from across the globe. The valley of the river Krishna and its tributaries is one of the greenest areas in the country. Other small rivers, such as the Warana and the Panchganga, flow into the Krishna. There are numerous spots of scenic beauty in and around the Krishna Valley near Sangli, and many Hindu shrines and Jain temples, which attract large numbers of devotees. Miraj, also the capital of a former Princely State, is renowned for the manufacturing musical instruments. The Dargah of Meerasaheb Avalia attracts devotees from far and wide. Miraj has world famous hospitals, such as Wanless Hospital, Siddhivinayak Cancer Hospital, and the Kripamayee Institute of Mental Science.

Area : 8,578 km²
Population : 2,581,835 (2001)
Population density 3 : 01/km2 (2001)
Literacy | : 67% (2001)
Urbanization : 24.5% (2001)