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Official Website : http://rewari.gov.in

Headquarters : Rewari
State : Haryana

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 1594
Rural : 1529.11
Urban : 64.89

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 900332
Rural : 666902
Urban : 233430
Male : 474335
Female : 425997
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 898
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 565

Helplines :

Police Helpline : 100
Fire Station : 101
Ambulance : 102
Crime Stopper : 1090

Population (Census 2010) : The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Brief About Rewari District

The History of the district Rewari is contemporary to the history of Delhi . During MAHABHARTA period there was a king named Rewat He had a daughter whose name was Rewati. But the king used to call her Rewa lovingly. The king founded and established a city named “Rewa wadi” after the name of her daughter. Later on Rewa got married with Balram, elder brother of Lord Krishna and the king donated the city “Rewa wadi”as dow ry to her daughter. Later the city Rewa wadi became REWARI.

During the rule of Mughlas a “VANIK” named Hemu of Rewari became chief of Army and Prime minister of SOOR-SAMRAJYA. On decay of this SAMRAJYA he became ruler of Delhi and known by the name “HEM CHANDER VIKRMADITYA”. He could rule for very short period and sacrificed his life on Nov. 5, 1556 in the second battle of Panipat while fighting against Mughlas.

During the rule of Mughla Rewari was the part of Delhi territory. In the SAVTANTRTA-SANGRAM of 1857 “Rao Tula Ram & Krishan Gopal “ of Rewari fought aggressively against the British rule with the help of “Samrat Bahadur Shah Zafar” and there was a movement when they brought the British rule to an end in Rewari. But Rao Tula Ram could not succeed and he expiblack after some time. The land of Rewari is called “VEER-BHUMI”. Even today the people of Rewari feel proud to serve in Indian Armies.

The majority of the castes which lived in Rewari was Morya, Gupts and Gujjars. Althoug now the majority is of the Ahirs, all castes live with harmony. In the city the Punjabis and Guptas have hold on the business.


Rewari was accorded the status of a district by the Government of Haryana on November, 1, 1989 . Its geographical boundaries have district Rohtak in its north, Mahendergarh district in its west and district Gurgaon in its east & north-east directions. District Alwar of Rajasthan touches Rewari in the south-east. Prior to it, Rewari was a Sub-division and Tehsil head quarter of district Mahendergarh.

Rewari is located at 82 KM mile stone in the south-west direction of the national capital Delhi across the Delhi Jaipur National Highway No. 8. Rewari town is situated at the height of 241.95 meters above sea level.

This district is spread over 1559 Sq. km area with a total population of 6,23,301 (1991 census). It is divided into 2 sub-divisions, Rewari and Kosli. It is further divided into 3 revenue tehsils, that is Rewari, Bawal & Kosli and 5 CD Blocks namely Rewari, Bawal, Khol, Jatusana & Nahar. The whole district consists of 412 villages and 346 Panchayats. In this district temperature ranges from 2 to 47 degree centigrade, months of December & January are of sever cold and the months of May & June are of bitter summer. Because of the touch of Rajasthan this district faces dusty storms in summer season. Overall climate of this district remains dry. July,August & September are the months of rainy season. Light rains are experienced during December, January & Feb.