Religious locations
Why CSRidentity.com thinks Religious locations as celebrities ?
Our cofounder Sanjay Bapat was born and people say his religion came into existance when he was born (no personal choice). He had friends of various religions. After 28.08.2013, he thinks that Truth is his religion but there is no religion by this name. We know that evey religion has truth as an important integrated part.

We believe that there are good or bad people in this world (and this goodness or badness is of various degrees) and in each religion there are people of various degrees of goodness / badness. Just because someone is bad, does not mean that the religion is bad. ... so we have no moral & ethical right to blame any religion.
Religion's identity has to be pure, clean and good for universal development.

Great corporates absorb talented people as employees or they absorb required people and they do not value anyone's religion while absorbing them in their work ... what corporates look at is the person's capability to use her / his skills which are required by the corporate.

We have started sharing religious locations for many reasons like
1) People have faith in their religion and they want to visit religious locations within their country or any where abroad.
2) Religious locations give happiness to many of the visitors.
3) Religious locations give income to people.
4) Religious locations in a way stops migration to metros or mega cities..
If you want to add any location, just email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com the name of the location.

Branding of religious locations
Ask any person names of religious locations in her / his religion.
Question this to say 100 or 1000 people of any religion and if they name say 10 locations each, then in percentage terms, the top 1 or top 3 religious locations are same. Does it mean that some religious locations are more respected than others ? Does it mean that some religious locations are better known to all for whatever reasons ? Does it mean that some religious locations are marketed well than others ?

Of course, at CSRidentity.com we cant give any answer to it because we respect every individual in this world, which means the person can be black or white in colour, the person can be from any country, the person can be from any religion .... for us, the person is important and if god exists, we think we shouldnt waste god's time for individual benefit. We dont want anyone to be selfish at least in front of the god or religion they respect. If there is any goddess or god, then they should take care of the world, the universe and look at large issues like climate change ...

Our plan for sharing names
By 28.3.2019
We plan to share more than 10 000 religious locations from 150 plus countries.

Mail any religious locations that are misssing in any country or any district in India to Datacentre and we will put is online within a week.

In our global example country India, mention the name of the district and in which State/ UT in comes under because we are sharing the names of religious location Statewise / Union Territorywise in case of India.