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About the Perambalur district

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Brief About Perambalur District
Perambalur district is a centrally located inland district of Tamilnadu, spread over 3690.07 sq.kms, which was trifurcated from the erstwhile composite Tiruchirappalli district and was formed on 1 November 1995. The district is bounded by Cuddalore district in the North, Tiruchirappalli district in the South, Thanjavur in the East and Namakkal and Tiruchirappalli districts in the West.The total Geographical area of the district is 369007 ha. and net sown area and gross sown area are 216422 ha. and 237136 ha. respectively. The net area under irrigation is 71624 ha. The total population of the district as per 2001 census is 11,81,029 of which 5,88,441 are males and 5,92,588 are females. The sex ratio is 1007 with the birth rate at 21.6 and the death rate at 7.7. The density of population of the district per sq.k.m is 281 persons as against the state average of 429 persons.The district for administrative purpose has been divided into six Taluks (Perambalur, Kunnam, Veppanthattai, Ariyalur, Sendurai and Jayakondam) which is further sub-divided into ten blocks viz. Perambalur, Veppanthattai, Veppur, Alathur, Ariyalur, Thirumanur, Sendurai, Jayakondam, Andimadam and T.Palur) comprising of 345 Villages, 322 Village Panchayats and nine Town Panchayats.The district lies in the Southern plateau & hill zone of Agro-climate regional planning with characteristics of semi arid climate. The soil is predominantly red loamy and black soil. The normal rainfall of the district is 908 mm which is less than 946.9 mm, the normal rainfall of the State. The precipitation during northeast monsoon, southwest monsoon and remaining winter & hot weather period account for 52 percent, 34 percent and 14 percent of annual rainfall respectively.Cauvery is the major river flowing in the region and the composite district has a canal system covering just 47 Kms stretch and ayacut of 11610 ha. The Ground water resource through tubewells and wells contribute nearly 68% of irrigated area command. The major crops grown in the district are paddy, groundnut, sugarcane and millets. Cashew is the major plantation crop.There are a total of 47 PHCs in the district of which 37 are additional PHCs, 7 are block and 3 are 24 hour PHCs. The number of primary schools, middle schools, high schools and higher secondary schools are 722, 118, 82, and 67 respectively.