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About the Panipat district

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Brief about Panipat District
Panipat - A District Famous in India by the Name of City of WEAVERS or City of HANDLOOM

District Panipat has a very glorious place in the History  of India. It is said that,  at  the  time  of  battle  of  MAHABHARAT, the  five  villages which  were    demanded  by   the  PANDAVAS   from   DURYODHANA, "PANIPAT" was also one of those, Later on which was Converted in the name  of  PANIPAT. This district,  which is situated 90 KM from  Delhi (National  Highway  Number - 1)   on   ‘ Sher Shah  Suri  Marg’  has  an significant   importance  in the history. Three  Major  battles  were fought here which has converted Indian History a new way. The  year wise details of three battels.

Panipat city  is  famous  in India by   the  name of "City of Weaver". Panipat  District  has   significant place  in  International  Market  for "Handloom Production". Darri,  Carpet Mat,  Table Cover, Bed sheet, Bed Cover,  Curtain  etc. are export to Canada, Japan,  Germany  & Australia.

In addition to the above Panipat city is the biggest centre of "Shoddy Yarn" in the World. Blankets prepared  through Handloom and Power loom are sent to soldier. The sub division Samalkha of this district is  famous for  Foundry  of  Agriculture  instruments.  In this   way, this district, which is continously developing  on the base of industry, has unlimited employmentness. Not only from Haryana but Businessman, Engineer, unemployed worker artist  Weavers and labour from  other state of India visits  here in search of  employment  and settled  here permanently.

Geographical Structure and Atmosphere :

As mentioned above this city is situated on Shershah Suri Marg 90 KM from  Delhi. The  three  sides of this district touches  other   district of Haryana Viz. Karnal in North, Jind in West  and Sonipat in South and in East touches with Uttar Pradesh accross Yamuna.

Panipat was the part of District Karnal till 31 October,1989,which was upgraded as  a separate  District, including Assandh Tehsil  of   district Karnal. When the District was reformed on 01 January,1992  Assandh Tehsil was excluded from this District.

Atmosphere & Temperature :

In summer, more summer and in winter the temp goes upto Minimum 4.4 oC in December,January, However in summer it goes upto 42.4 oC in June