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About the Osmanabad district
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Brief About Osmanabad District
Osmanabad District is one of the Eight districts of Marathwada Region of Maharashtra State.Osmanabad town is the district headquarter.Osmanabad & Bhoom are Revenue Sub-divisional headquarter.

Osmanabad, Tuljapur,Omerga, Lohara, Kalamb, Bhoom, Vashi and Paranda are the eight blocks/taluka of the district.
The district is surrounded by the Balaghat mountain hills. Omerga & Paranda blocks are situated at plains whereas all other blocks are surrounded by the Balaghat mountain. The District is located at an average height of 600 meters from the sea level. Total area of the district is 7512.4 sq.km.

The Climate in the district is primarily dry. The Dist.receives rains from South-east mansoon. The rainy season is June to September. Average rainfall is about 600mm. Kallam, Bhoom & Paranda blocks are declared as Drought Prone blocks. SOIL
The soil in the district is of two types black & other of low type.


Both Kharif and Rabi crops are taken in the district. Main crop is jowar, sunflower, gram, Hybrid jawar,Sugarcane, Tur etc. About 5.70 lakh hects. area is treated as cultivable area. Area under Kharif crop is 3.26 lakh hectares where as rabi crops are sown on 3.47 lakh hectares.

As per 1991 census, the percentage of literates is 54.27. Rural literacy rate is 51.23% whereas urban literacy rate is 71.06%.

Dairy is main agriculture-allied activity in the district.There are about 850 dairy societies and two dairy federations in the district. Total milk collection of dist is 34427 Litre per day.There is total cattle population of 851997 as per 1992 cattle population census.
All towns and villages in the district have been electrified.

There are 950 primary schools 227 secondary schools. 31 higher secondary schools and 15 colleges. There are two Engineeering colleges and one Aurvedic college and also one Polytechnic in the dist. There are five ITI's also.

Since 1995-96 a self-help Groups(mahila bachat gats) have been started in all the villages of the district to organise women for their eventual participation in developments .So far nearly two thousand groups have been started and functioning (mainly by ICDS staff and MAVIM) with a saving of nearly Rs. 30 lakhs. Self help groups functioning is monitored by dept. of ICDS project i.e. through Anganwadi workers

The climate of Osmanabad district is generally dry. The rainy season starts from mid of June and remains till end of September. From October to November the climate is humid. From mid November to January it is winter. From February to march the climate is dry. From April to June it is summer. During summer the temperature of Osmanabad district is low compared to other district of Marathwada region. The average rainfall of this district is 730 mm. But the average rainfall recorded during the year 2002-2003 was 542 mm. The highest rainfall recorded during the year 2002-2003 was of Osmanabad Tahsil with 644 mm while the lowest was of Paranda tahsil with 367 mm. The highest temperature recorded during the year 2002-2003 was 42.1 degree Celsius while lowest was 8.0 degree Celsius.

Osmanabad district lies in the southern part of state. Most of the district area is rocky while the remaining part is plain. The height of district is 600 mm above sea level. Most part of the district is surrounded by small mountain called "Balaghat". Bhoom, Washi, Kalamb, Osmanabad & Tuljapur Tahsil lie in the range of this Balaghat mountain.Some part of the major rivers like Godawari and Bhima come under this district. The district is located on east side of Marathwada region within North latitude 17.35 to 18.40 degree and east latitude 75.16 to 76.40 degree. The district is surrounded by following districts

Solpaur - South-west
Ahmednagar - North-west
Beed - North
Latur - East
South - Bidar & Gulbarga (Karnataka)

The area of district is 7512.4 sq. km out of which 241.4 sq km is urban area ( 3.21 % of total area ) and 7271.0 sq km is rural area ( 96.79 % of total area).