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About the Narsinghpur district

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Brief About Narsinghpur District

Narsinghpur district is situated in the central part of Madhya Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh is located in the Central part of India The Narsinghpur district holds a special importance being located in the Country.

It attracts special attention because of its natural situation as well. On the Northern ends Vindhyachal & on the southern ends through out the lengths are Satpura ranges of Mountains. In the Northern part river Narmada flows from East to West. Which is a sacred as holy as river Ganga.Narsinghpur district has received many natural gifts as Narmada Kachhar. In the ancient period, this area was ruled by many Rajvansh including great historical worrier Rani Durgawati which was refured by various names in that period. In the Eighteenth Century Jat Sardars got constructed a large Temple, in which Idol of Lord Narsimha placed & worshiped & so in the name of Lord Narsimha. The village Gadariya Kheda become "Narsinghpur" & later on it become headquarter of the district.

Narsinghpur district is having many historical Rocks, which are being revered, from time to time during various archeological surveys. According to Gazetteer published by the district in the district of Narsinghpur, about 10 K.M. away from Gadarwara , village called 'Bhatra' certain "Fossil of animals " & apparatus mode of said stones are found during various surveys.During other surveys various ancients monuments & remnant are also found at Devakachhar, Dhubghat, Kumadi, Ratikarar & Bramhanghat. Surtain Caves of rocks showing architecture of ancient times are also found at a village called Bijori which is associated with the ancient periods of this district as well as during various service conducted on the banks of river Narmada between BRAMHANGHAT & JHANSIGHAT various "Fossil of animals " & ancients tools are also found showing the Historical & ancient periods of this area. According to historical portraits discovered in this area also beings reaction win periods of Ramayan & Mahabharat. According to reference, Barman -ghat is the place where Lord Bramha had done a Yagya on the sacred banks of river Narmada.