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About the Nandurbar district

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Brief About Nandurbar District

The district of Dhule in Maharashtra was divided on 1st july 1998 to form two new districts-Dhule and Nandurbar. Nandurbar, Navapur, Akkalkuwa, Taloda, Akrani, and Shahada talukas fall in Nandurbar district. The district headquarters is Nandurbar

New Dhule district is to the south of Nandurbar, Gujarat State is to the west, the States of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are to the north and to the east lies Madhya Pradesh and Dhule district

The climate of Nandurbar district is generally hot and dry. It is slightly humid in the rainy season. Hill station Toranmal lies in the northern part of this region. The northern and western regions of the district receive more rainfall.

Akkalkuwa Taluka
Akkalkua lies in Satpuda range of hills, with Narmada forming northen bounday. Akarni and Taloda talukas lie on the east while southern and western boundaries are occupied by Gujrat. Because of the hilly terrain with more than fifty percent area falling under forest, this taluka has poorest accessibility in the district. This taluka has no Nagarpalika, bigger villages are Akkalkua, Khapar and Molgi. This taluka has 9 villages getting affected by the Sardar Sarovar Project.

Geographical Details
Area : 86837
Ha Rainfall : 1100 mm
Total Area Under Forest : 42903
Ha Total Areas Under Cultivation : 38812Ha

Taloda Taluka : Taloda is the smallest taluka with Akkalkua on west, Akrani on north, Shahada on east and Gujrat on south.

Geographical Details :
Area : 38320 Ha
Rainfall : 481 mm
Total Areas Under Cultivation : 29955 Ha

Akrani Taluka : Akrani lies in Satpuda range of hills, with Narmada forming northen bounday. Akkalkua taluka lies on the west while on eastern boundaries lies Madhyapradesh. Taloda and Shahada talukas lie on the south. This taluka is one of the most backward taluka of the district. This taluka has no Nagarpalika. This taluka has 24 villages getting affected by the Sardar Sarovar Project. This taluka seems to have derived its name from 'Akka Rani', a queen who reigned here. Toranmal, a beutiful hill station lies in this taluka.

Geographical Details :
Area : 77305 Ha
Total Areas Under Cultivation : 18479Ha

Shahada Taluka : One of the most developed taluka of the district, it lies between Akrani and Nandurbar on north and south. River tapi cuts across it. Dakshin Kashi or Prakasha falls in this taluka.

The Government Structure at the District Level mainly involves 3 bodies namely District Collector's office which come under Revenue Department, Zilla Parishad which comes under Rural Development Department and Police Department which comes under Home Department. Then there are other Government departments such as District Treasury, Forest Department, PWD, Irrigation Department, Agriculture etc.